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1912 — 1922
Vol. 11, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1917-12-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Carlos among the Candles (Stevens, Wallace): 115-123
Pine River Bay (Dudley, Dorothy): 124-125
O Dear Brown Lands (Wood, Clement): 125-125
Coin of the Year (Wood, Clement): 125-125
Miniatures. The Woolworth. I (Grudin, Louis): 126-126
Miniatures. II (Grudin, Louis): 126-126
Miniatures. The River. III (Grudin, Louis): 126-126
Miniatures. IV (Grudin, Louis): 126-126
Miniatures. V (Grudin, Louis): 127-127
Miniatures. VI (Grudin, Louis): 127-127
Miniatures. VII (Grudin, Louis): 127-127
Miniatures. VIII (Grudin, Louis): 127-127
Reed-Song (Dudley, Helen): 128-128
Dirge (Dudley, Helen): 128-128
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Guadalupe (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 129-129
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Popocatapetl (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 129-130
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Huasteca (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 130-130
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Tampico (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 130-130
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Cuernavaca (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 131-131
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Durango (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 131-131
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Orizaba (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 132-132
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Amecameca (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 132-133
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: Vera Cruz (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 133-133
Songs for Places—Old Mexico: San Luis Potosi (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 133-133
Love Untold (Marlatt, Earl): 134-134
People (Marlatt, Earl): 135-135
New Life: With Child (Frank, Florence Kiper): 136-136
New Life: Attack (Frank, Florence Kiper): 136-136
New Life: The Moment (Frank, Florence Kiper): 136-137
New Life: Afterwards (Frank, Florence Kiper): 137-137
New Life: Within My Arms (Frank, Florence Kiper): 137-137
To a Child (Mixter, Florence K.): 138-138
Chicago Notes: Lake Front at Night (Fletcher, John Gould): 139-140
Chicago Notes: The Monadnock (Fletcher, John Gould): 140-140
Chicago Notes: La Salle Street—Evening (Fletcher, John Gould): 140-141
War Angles (Fletcher, John Gould): 141-143
Christmas and War (Monroe, Harriet): 144-147
Again the Negro (Curtis, Natalie): 147-151
Book Review: Tendencies in Modern American Poetry, by Amy Lowell (Monroe, Harriet): 151-156
Book Review: These Times, by Louis Untermeyer (Lowell, Amy): 157-164
Book Review: Roads and What is Your Legion?, by Grace Fallow Norton (Dudley, Dorothy): 164-166
About Emerson (Nelson, Ernest): 166-167
Fifty Years Since Baudelaire (Stanton, Theodore): 168-168
Notes: 169-169
Books Received: 169-170
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