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1912 — 1922
Vol. 10, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1917-06-01 69 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Three Cantos. I (Pound, Ezra): 113-121
Bermuda (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 122-122
Quandary (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 122-123
The Passage (Glaenzer, Richard Butler): 123-123
Songs Out of Stress: Barter (Teasdale, Sara): 124-124
Songs Out of Stress: Spirit's House (Teasdale, Sara): 125-125
Songs Out of Stress: Lessons (Teasdale, Sara): 125-125
Songs Out of Stress: Refuge (Teasdale, Sara): 126-126
Songs Out of Stress: Wood Song (Teasdale, Sara): 126-126
Beside the Master (Walleser, Joseph): 127-128
Holy Light (Wheelock, John Hall): 128-128
Fiametta (Young, Ella): 129-129
Greeting (Young, Ella): 129-129
One Face In the Crowd (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 130-131
Two Songs. 'When my dream-robe is tattered'. I (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 131-131
Two Songs. 'When I am dead, oh, speak to me'. II (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 131-131
Notes (Heap, Jane): 132-132
Dead Queens (Rodker, John): 133-134
Because Some Lover (Rodker, John): 135-136
In A Garden (Rodker, John): 136-138
Resurrection (Lawrence, D. H.): 139-141
What May War Do (Monroe, Harriet): 142-145
From a Notebook (A. D. F.): 145-149
Living History (Fletcher, John Gould): 149-153
Fire of Youth (Monroe, Harriet): 154-154
Book Review: 'Lines Long and Short' by Henry B. Fuller (Monroe, Harriet): 155-157
Book Review: 'Songs of the Soil' by Fenton Johnson (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 158-160
Book Review: 'Tablettes de Cire' by A. de Brimont (Pound, Ezra): 160-161
Book Review: 'The Jig of Forslin' by Conrad Aiken (H. H.): 162-163
The Hawk's Well (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 163-165
Wanted: A Song For America (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 165-166
To Miss monroe in the Carolinas (E. H. L.): 166-166
Notes: 167-167
Books Received: 168-168
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