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1912 — 1922
Vol. 11, No. 2
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1917-11-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
The Four Brothers: Notes for War Songs (Sandburg, Carl): 59-66
I Come Singing (Rich, H. Thompson): 67-67
Afterwards (Rich, H. Thompson): 67-68
Reciprocity (Drinkwater, John): 68-68
November (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 69-69
On the Beach at Fontana (Joyce, James): 70-70
Alone (Joyce, James): 70-70
She Weeps Over Rahoon (Joyce, James): 71-71
A Poet's Epitaph (Black, John): 71-71
Barefoot Sandals (Slater, Mary White): 72-72
Lavender (Coster, Archie Austin): 73-73
Moods and Moments: Child Eyes (O'Neil, David): 74-74
Moods and Moments: Freedom (O'Neil, David): 74-74
Moods and Moments: Human Chords (O'Neil, David): 74-74
Moods and Moments: Enslaved (O'Neil, David): 75-75
Moods and Moments: The Peasants (O'Neil, David): 75-75
Moods and Moments: The Beach (O'Neil, David): 75-76
Moods and Moments: Reaches of the Desert (O'Neil, David): 76-76
Moods and Moments: The Ascent (O'Neil, David): 76-76
My Nicaragua (Selva, Salomón de la): 77-79
Two Spanish Folk-Songs: The Tiny Maiden (Selva, Salomón de la): 79-80
Two Spanish Folk-Songs: The Merchant (Selva, Salomón de la): 80-80
The Dead Pecos Town (Buss, Kate): 81-81
New Mexico Songs. 'After the roar, after the fierce modern music' (Corbin, Alice): 82-82
New Mexico Songs. Los Conquistadores (Corbin, Alice): 82-83
New Mexico Songs. Three Men Entered the Desert Alone (Corbin, Alice): 83-84
New Mexico Songs. Old Timer (Corbin, Alice): 85-86
New Mexico Songs. Pedro Montoya of Arroyo Hondo (Corbin, Alice): 86-87
New Mexico Songs. In the Sierras (Corbin, Alice): 87-88
New Mexico Songs. A Song from Old Spain (Corbin, Alice): 88-88
A Word to the Carping Critic (Monroe, Harriet): 89-92
Irony, Laforgue, and Some Satire (Pound, Ezra): 93-98
Book Review: 'Collected Poems' by William H. Davies (Pound, Ezra): 90-102
Book Review: 'Ideal Passion―Sonnets' by George Edward Woodberry, 'George Edward Woodberry―A Study of His Poetry' by Louis V. Ledoux (Monroe, Harriet): 103-105
Book Review: 'The Story of Eleusis' by Louis V. Ledoux (Monroe, Harriet): 105-106
Book Review: 'Songs of Childhood' by Walter de la Mare (Monroe, Harriet): 106-107
Book Review: 'Verses' by Hilaire Belloc (Monroe, Harriet): 107-108
Book Review: 'Pilgrimage' by Eric Shepherd (H. H.): 108-109
Book Review: 'City Dust' by Jane Burr (H. H.): 109-109
Coals of Fire from the Cowboy Poet (Clark, Badger): 109-110
Announcement of Awards: 111-112
Notes: 113-113
Books Received: 114-114
Advertisements: E-J
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