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1912 — 1922
Vol. 12, No. 5
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1918-08-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
From the Near East: Armenian Marching Song (Syrian, Ajan): 233-234
From the Near East: Syrian Mother's Lullaby (Syrian, Ajan): 235-236
From the Near East: The Prayer Rug of Islam (Syrian, Ajan): 237-239
The Carpenter (Alvord, James Church): 240-241
The Veteran (Postgate, Margaret I.): 241-241
War Sketches: Return to the Front (Redfield, Robert): 242-242
War Sketches: On the Ambulance (Redfield, Robert): 242-243
War Sketches: In Moulins Wood (Redfield, Robert): 243-243
A Song for Souls Under Fire (Turbyfill, Mark): 244-244
My Heart, Like Hyacinth (Turbyfill, Mark): 245-245
The Adventurer (Turbyfill, Mark): 245-246
Mellow (Turbyfill, Mark): 246-246
Without Chaperon (Turbyfill, Mark): 246-247
The Forest of Dead Trees (Turbyfill, Mark): 247-247
Benediction (Turbyfill, Mark): 248-248
Song of the Vine, In England (Trench, Herbert): 249-251
To a Grey Dress (Symons, Arthur): 252-252
Dreams (Symons, Arthur): 252-253
The Windows (Garrison, Theodosia): 253-253
Gardens There Were (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 254-254
God's House (Jennings, Leslie Nelson): 255-255
Hay (Stevens, Beatrice): 256-256
A Girl Dancing on the Shore (Thomas, Henry C.): 257-257
With the Wind (Balmont, Konstantin): 258-258
On the Heights (Balmont, Konstantin): 258-259
Easy Parting (Wood, Mildrid Cummer): 259-259
Appuldurcombe Park (Lowell, Amy): 260-263
Sara Teasdale's Prize (Monroe, Harriet): 264-269
Book Review: 'Look! We Have Come Through!' by D. H. Lawrence (Fletcher, John Gould): 269-274
Book Review: 'Ardors and Endurances' by Robert Nichols (Freer, Agnes Lee): 274-276
Book Review: 'Barbed Wire and Other Poems' by Edwin Ford Piper (Freer, Agnes Lee): 276-279
Book Review: 'Poems of Charles Warren Stoddard' coll. by Ina Coolbirth, 'First offering: Sonnets and Lyrics' by Samuel Roth, 'Gardens Overseas and Other Poems' by Thomas Walsh, 'Beggar and King' by Richard Butler Glaenzer, 'Ships in Port' by Lewis Worthington Smith (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 279-282
Book Review: 'Elegy in Autumn' by Clinton Scollard (Monroe, Harriet): 282-282
Book Review: 'Common Men and Women' by Harold W. Gammans (Monroe, Harriet): 283-283
Book Review: 'In the Red Years' by Gervé Baronti (Monroe, Harriet): 283-283
Book Review: 'A Treasury of War Poetry' ed. by George Herbert Clarke, 'Poems of the Great War' sel. by J. W. Cunliffe (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 284-285
Book Review: 'A Book of Verse on the Great War' ed. by W. Reginald Wheeler, 'The Muse in Arms' ed. by E. B. Osborn, 'Fifes and Dance—Poems of America at War' (Monroe, Harriet): 285-286
A Spectral Ghost (Morgan, Emmanuel): 286-288
Notes: 289-290
Books Received: 290-290
Advertisements: E-H
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