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1912 — 1922
Vol. 13, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1918-10-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Fatherland (Robinson, Eloise): 1-5
War Sequence: Prelude (Head, Cloyd): 6-6
War Sequence: The Marne (Head, Cloyd): 6-7
War Sequence: They March Through the Streets of Paris (Head, Cloyd): 7-8
War Sequence: The German Empire--Bismarck, Von Moltke (Head, Cloyd): 9-10
War Sequence: Epilogue (Head, Cloyd): 10-10
Paris, 1917 (Gaines, Ruth): 11-11
Their Strange Eyes Hold No Vision (Buck, Howard): 12-13
Litany (Gregory, Allene): 13-13
The Flowers of War: Lillies of France (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 14-14
Flowers of War: Know Thyself (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 14-14
Flowers of War: Comrades (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 15-15
Honors (Patterson, Antoinette De Coursey): 15-15
The Hope (Powys, John Cowper): 16-17
The Kind Heart (Greenwood, Julia Wickham): 17-17
Thrones (Aldis, Mary): 18-19
O Bitter Day (Aldis, Mary): 19-19
Embarcation (Aldis, Mary): 19-20
Go From Me (Aldis, Mary): 20-20
The Trenches (Alondra, A.): 21-21
Redhaw Winds: Falltime (Sandburg, Carl): 22-22
Redhaw Winds: Autumn Movement (Sandburg, Carl): 22-22
Redhaw Winds: Valley Song (Sandburg, Carl): 23-23
Redhaw Winds: "Old-Fashioned Requited Love" (Sandburg, Carl): 23-23
The Redhaw Winds: Next Child Waits (Sandburg, Carl): 24-24
Assyrian Tablets: Ashurnatsirpal The Third (Sandburg, Carl): 24-25
Assyrian Tablets: Bilbea (Sandburg, Carl): 25-25
Chromatics: The song (Ridge, Lola): 26-26
Chromatics: Iron Wine (Ridge, Lola): 26-27
Chromatics: The Fiddler (Ridge, Lola): 27-27
Chromatics: Dawn-Wind (Ridge, Lola): 28-28
Chromatics: The Edge (Ridge, Lola): 29-30
Joyce Kilmer (Monroe, Harriet): 31-34
The Other Stars in the Poets' Flag (Monroe, Harriet): 34-37
"Aesthetic and Social Criticism" (Monroe, Harriet): 37-41
Book Review: The Wild Swans at Coole, Other Verses, and a Play in Verse, by W.B. Yeats (Michelson, Max): 42-44
Book Review: Children of the Sun--Rhapsodies and Poems, by Wallace Gould (Monroe, Harriet): 44-51
Book Review: The Poets of modern France, by Ludwig Lewisohn (Freer, Agnes Lee): 52-55
Letters From France (Robinson, Eloise): 55-57
Letter From France (Vaughn, Malcolm W.): 57-57
Notes: 58-58
Advertisements: E-H
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