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1912 — 1922
Vol. 12, No. 2
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1918-05-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
'Lettres d'un Soldat'. I-IX (Stevens, Wallace): 59-65
'Lettres d'un Soldat': Anecdotal Revery (Stevens, Wallace): 60-61
'Lettres d'un Soldat': Morale (Stevens, Wallace): 61-61
'Lettres d'un Soldat': Comme Dieu Dispense de Graces (Stevens, Wallace): 61-62
'Lettres d'un Soldat': The Surprises of the Superhuman (Stevens, Wallace): 62-62
'Lettres d'un Soldat': Negation (Stevens, Wallace): 64-64
Weather Whims: Thoughts (Paradise, Viola I.): 66-66
Weather Whims: Early Spring Night (Paradise, Viola I.): 66-67
Weather Whims: Midnight Rain (Paradise, Viola I.): 67-67
Weather Whims: Wind and Moonlight (Paradise, Viola I.): 67-68
Weather Whims: Death (Paradise, Viola I.): 69-69
The Minstrel (Johnson, Ida Judith): 70-70
Flood (Johnson, Ida Judith): 71-71
Northern Lights (Weaver, J. Van Alstyne): 72-72
The Sowing (Weaver, J. Van Alstyne): 72-73
We Who Have Lost (Unger, Howard): 73-73
Claude Debussy (Lee, Agnes): 74-74
In a Gale (Fryer, Cecily): 75-75
Conscience (Fryer, Cecily): 75-75
Pomegranates (Lyman, Dean B.): 76-77
Love Lasts Like Lilly (Fendell, Solomon J. D.): 77-77
Kinship (Rivola, Flora Shufelt): 78-79
Voyage (Flexner, Hortense): 79-79
Bess (Johns, Orrick): 80-81
The Pageant (Stevens, Thomas Wood): 82-82
On the Road: Song of Young Burbage (Long, Haniel): 83-83
On the Road: The Herd Boy (Long, Haniel): 83-84
On the Road: Shoes (Long, Haniel): 84-84
On the Road: The Cuban in the States (Long, Haniel): 85-85
On the Road: Madness (Long, Haniel): 85-85
On the Road: Dead Men Tell no Tales (Long, Haniel): 86-86
On the Road: A Book on Economics (Long, Haniel): 86-87
On the Road: The Cause of This I know Not (Long, Haniel): 87-87
On the Road: Song (Long, Haniel): 87-87
On the Road: Star-Dust (Long, Haniel): 88-88
On the Road: The Terror (Long, Haniel): 88-89
On the Road: Seeger (Long, Haniel): 89-89
Mr. Bourne on Traps (Monroe, Harriet): 90-94
"Our Contributors" (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 94-96
Book Review: 'Moments of Vision' by Thomas Hardy (Fletcher, John Gould): 96-101
Book Review: 'Poems' by Edward Thomas (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 102-105
Book Review: 'The Lost Blackbird' by Ralph Hedgson (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 105-107
Book Review: 'Earth of Cualann' by Joseph Campbell (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 107-109
Book Review: 'The Poems of Frank Dempster Sherman' ed. by Clinton Scollard (Monroe, Harriet): 109-110
"Hard" and "Soft" (Fletcher, John Gould): 111-112
As He Sees It (Carnevali, Emanuel): 113-114
Notes: 115-116
Books Received: 116-116
Advertisements: E-H
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