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1912 — 1922
Vol. 15, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1919-10-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Pecksniffiana: Fabliau of Florida (Stevens, Wallace): 1-1
Pecksniffiana: Homunculus et la Belle Etoile (Stevens, Wallace): 2-3
Pecksniffiana: The Weeping Burgher (Stevens, Wallace): 3-4
Pecksniffiana: Peter Parasol (Stevens, Wallace): 4-4
Pecksniffiana: Exposition of the Contents of a Car (Stevens, Wallace): 5-5
Pecksniffiana: Ploughing on Sunday (Stevens, Wallace): 5-6
Pecksniffiana: Banal Sojourn (Stevens, Wallace): 6-7
Pecksniffiana: The Indigo Glass in the Grass (Stevens, Wallace): 7-7
Pecksniffiana: Anecdote of the Jar (Stevens, Wallace): 8-8
Pecksniffiana: On the Surface of Things (Stevens, Wallace): 8-9
Pecksniffiana: The Curtains in the House of the Metaphysician (Stevens, Wallace): 9-9
Pecksniffiana: The Place of the Solitaires (Stevens, Wallace): 9-10
Pecksniffiana: The Paltry Nude Starts on a Spring Voyage (Stevens, Wallace): 10-11
Pecksniffiana: Colloquy With a Polish Aunt (Stevens, Wallace): 11-11
Stones for Russia (Brownell, Baker): 12-13
Journeys and Discoveries: Chicago (Turbyfill, Mark): 14-14
Journeys and Discoveries: End of Summer (Turbyfill, Mark): 15-15
Journeys and Discoveries: A Song of Givers and Takers (Turbyfill, Mark): 15-15
Journeys and Discoveries: Words About Love (Turbyfill, Mark): 16-16
Journeys and Discoveries: Journey (Turbyfill, Mark): 16-17
The Orchard (Frederick, John Towner): 17-17
To My Heart (Browne, Maurice): 18-19
To Her Who Passes (Browne, Maurice): 19-19
Love Is More Cruel Than Death (Browne, Maurice): 19-20
Desire (Stewart, Luella): 21-21
Song (Dell, Floyd): 22-22
Appearances (Sabel, Marx G.): 22-22
The Painted Saint in the Wood (Lyster, M.): 23-23
Dawn (Lyster, M.): 23-23
At the Top of the World (Gidlow, Elsie A.): 24-24
Never Any Fear (Gidlow, Elsie A.): 25-25
The Searchlight (Rodker, John): 26-26
Maura (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 27-30
Two Designs: A Japanese Vase Wrought in Metals (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 30-31
Two Designs: Lorenzo's Bas-Relief for a Florentine Chest (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 31-32
What Next? (Monroe, Harriet): 33-38
That Bookshelf (Monroe, Harriet): 39-42
Book Review: Recent French Poetry―'Europe' by Jules Romains, 'Le Secret' by André Spire, 'La Vierge et les Sonnets' by Francis Jammes, and 'Les Enchanteurs,' 'Barbe Bleue, Jeanne d'Arc et Mes Amours' and 'Chansons à la Gauloise' by Paul Fort (Aldington, Richard): 42-48
Book Review: 'The Burglar of the Zodiac' by William Rose Benét (Monroe, Harriet): 48-51
Book Review: 'The Earth Turns South' by Clement Wood (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 51-53
Book Review: 'First Poems, and Second Poems' by Edward Curran (Monroe, Harriet): 53-55
Book Review: 'Linnets in the Slums' by Marion Pryce (Rodker, John): 55-56
Our Contemporaries: 56-57
Notes: 57-58
Books Received: 58-58
Advertisements: E-XH
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