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1912 — 1922
Vol. 16, No. 2
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1920-05-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Sunlight Persuasions: The Festival of the Corn (Hartley, Marsden): 59-65
Sunlight Persuasions: Español (Hartley, Marsden): 65-66
Sunlight Persuasions: Girl with the Camelia Smile (Hartley, Marsden): 65-66
Sunlight Persuasions: The Topaz of the Sixties (Hartley, Marsden): 66-67
Sunlight Persuasions: The Asses' Out-House (Hartley, Marsden): 67-68
Sunlight Persuasions: To C-- (Hartley, Marsden): 68-69
Sunlight Persuasions: Saturday (Hartley, Marsden): 69-70
Woman-Songs of the Herero: Song of Mocking for an Old Woman (Eberstein, Myrtle): 71-71
Woman-Songs of the Herero: Song for Shredding Bark (Eberstein, Myrtle): 71-72
Woman-Songs of the Herero: Song of a Woman With Twins (Eberstein, Myrtle): 72-73
The Bean-Stalk (Millay, Edna St. Vincent): 74-75
Rodomontades: The Brimming Cup (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 76-76
Rodomontades: Compensations (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 76-76
Rodomontades: The Untamed (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 77-77
Rodomontades: The Green Door (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 77-77
Rodomontades: The Mourners (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 77-78
Rodomontades: Lady of Autumn (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 78-78
Rodomontades: The House of Laurels (McIntyre, Carlyle F.): 78-79
Against the Sun (Dudley, Helen): 80-80
Cootham Lane (Dudley, Helen): 80-81
The Roof-Garden (Huddleston, Mabel Barker): 81-81
The Bull (Vines, Sherard): 82-82
Moondown (Tanaquil, Paul): 82-82
Peace: Grasses and Sand (Bealle, Alfred Battle): 83-83
Peace: The Adventurer (Bealle, Alfred Battle): 83-83
Voices: You and I (McCourt, Edna Wahlert): 84-84
Voices: Query (McCourt, Edna Wahlert): 84-85
Voices: Strangers (McCourt, Edna Wahlert): 85-85
What Grief? (Matson, Mabel Cornelia): 85-85
Hill Songs: I Met Three Lovers (Walton, Eda Lou): 86-87
Hill Songs: One Spring (Walton, Eda Lou): 87-87
Hill Songs: From a Promontory (Walton, Eda Lou): 88-88
Hill Songs: Indian Prayer (Walton, Eda Lou): 88-88
Hill Songs: Strength (Walton, Eda Lou): 88-89
Hill Songs: Morning and Night (Walton, Eda Lou): 89-89
Touring America on Pegasus (Kreymborg, Alfred): 90-94
English and American (Aldington, Richard): 94-98
Art and the Eiffel Tower (Vanderpyl, Fritz R.): 98-101
Book Review: 'The Golden Whales of California and Other Rhymes in the American Language' by Vachel Lindsay (Monroe, Harriet): 101-104
Book Review: 'Poems' by Gladys Cromwell (Monroe, Harriet): 105-107
Book Review: King George's Poets—'Georgian Poetry, 1918-1919' ed. by E. M., 'A Miscellany of British Poetry (1919)' ed. by W. Kean Seymour, and 'Wheels, 1919 (Fourth Cycle), ed. by Edith Sitwell (Monroe, Harriet): 108-113
Book Review: 'The Reading and Writing of Verse' by Lieutenant C. E. Andrews, U. S. A., Asst. Prof. of English in Ohio State U. (Aldis, Mary): 113-113
A Word from John Burroughs (Burroughs, John): 114-114
Notes: 115-116
Books Received: 116-116
Advertisements: E-H
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