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1912 — 1922
Vol. 16, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1920-06-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
To the River Beach: In This Wet Orchard (Davis, H. L.): 117-119
To the River Beach: Stalks of Wild Hay (Davis, H. L.): 119-119
To the River Beach: Baking Bread (Davis, H. L.): 120-121
To the River Beach: The Rain-Crow (Davis, H. L.): 121-122
To the River Beach: The Threshing-Floor (Davis, H. L.): 122-123
To the River Beach: From a Vineyard (Davis, H. L.): 123-124
To the River Beach: The Market-gardens (Davis, H. L.): 124-125
To the River Beach: October: "The Old Eyes" (Davis, H. L.): 125-127
To the River Beach: To the River Beach (Davis, H. L.): 127-127
Old Lizette on Sleep (Lee, Agnes): 128-129
The Ancient Singer (Lee, Agnes): 129-130
Mrs. Malooly (Lee, Agnes): 130-130
The Ilex Tree (Lee, Agnes): 130-130
Cythaera and the Leaves (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 131-131
Cythaera and the Song (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 131-132
Cythaera and the Worm (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 132-133
Transition (Hammond, Eleanor): 133-133
Surrender (Granich, Irwin): 134-134
Out of the Dark (A. N.): 135-135
Songs (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 136-137
The Riddle (Powys, John Cowper): 138-139
The Shepherd Hymn (Hensel, Gladys): 139-139
Cold Hills: Austerity (Lewis, Janet Loxley): 140-140
Cold Hills: The End of the Age (Lewis, Janet Loxley): 140-141
Cold Hills: Geology (Lewis, Janet Loxley): 141-141
Cold Hills: Fossil (Lewis, Janet Loxley): 141-141
From the Frail Sea (Taggard, Genevieve): 142-145
Men Or Women? (Monroe, Harriet): 146-148
Discovered in Paris (Monroe, Harriet): 148-151
Book Review: 'Starved Rock' by Edgar Lee Masters (Seiffert, Marjorie Allen): 151-156
Book Review: 'Poems' by T. S. Eliot (Strobel, Marion): 157-159
Book Review: 'Picture-show' by Siegfried Sassoon (Deutsch, Babette): 159-162
Book Review: 'Black Branches' by Orrick Johns (Strobel, Marion): 162-164
Book Review: 'De Stéphane Mallarmé au prophète Ezéchiel, et essai d'une théorie de réalisme symbolique' by Edouard Dujardin (Aldington, Richard): 164-168
Book Review: New English Magazines―'Coterie,' 'The London Mercury,' 'The Monthly Chap-book,' and 'Art and Letters' (Monroe, Harriet): 168-172
Spirit of '76 (Williams, William Carlos): 173-173
We sit at our desks (Anon.): 173-173
Notes: 174-174
Advertisements: E-H
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