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1912 — 1922
Vol. 16, No. 6
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1920-09-01 82 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Wild Duck (Ridge, Lola): 293-295
Altitude (Ridge, Lola): 295-295
After Storm (Ridge, Lola): 295-296
Cactus Seed (Ridge, Lola): 297-298
The Dream (Ridge, Lola): 299-299
Under the Sun: To One Unknown (Williams, Oscar): 300-300
Under the Sun: O My Love (Williams, Oscar): 300-301
Under the Sun: My Greatness (Williams, Oscar): 301-301
Under the Sun: Mood (Williams, Oscar): 302-302
Under the Sun: Chiaroscuros (Williams, Oscar): 302-302
Under the Sun: Revenge (Williams, Oscar): 303-303
Diary Written on Peony Petals (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 304-308
If You Were Careless (Benson, Stella): 309-309
The Freeholder (Starbuck, Victor): 310-311
Autumn Prophecy (March, J. M.): 311-311
Worship: Earth-Song (Jesson, Frederick Shea): 312-312
Worship: A Certain Girl (Jesson, Frederick Shea): 312-312
Worship: The Archer (Jesson, Frederick Shea): 312-312
August Gardens (Bellamann, H. H.): 313-313
Woodrow Wilson: After seeing Drinkwater's Lincoln (Wilson, Albert Frederick): 314-323
In Texas and New Mexico (Monroe, Harriet): 324-328
The Death of Mr. Reedy (Monroe, Harriet): 328-330
Book Review: 'Poems: First Series' by J. C. Squire, 'The Queen of China and Other Poems' by Edward Shanks (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 331-335
Book Review: New War Poets―'The Tempering' by Howard Buck, 'Chords from Albireo' by Danford Barney, 'There and Here' by Allen Tucker, 'Poems' by Cecil Roberts, 'The Poets in Picardy' by E. de Stein, and 'Poems in Captivity' by John Still (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 336-340
Book Review: 'Chords from Albireo' by Danford Barney (Wheelock, John Hall): 340-343
A Paris Letter (Catel, Jean): 343-347
Machinery in Art (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 347-347
To a Minor Poet (Flexner, Hortense): 348-348
Notes: 349-350
Books Received: 350-350
Advertisements: E-H
Staff and Subscribers: i-ii
Contents of Volume XVI: iii-viii
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