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1912 — 1922
Vol. 17, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1920-12-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: B-B
The Via Dolorosa of Art: White Males (McAlmon, Robert): 117-119
The Via Dolorosa of Art: Today's Music (McAlmon, Robert): 119-123
The Via Dolorosa of Art: Form Destructionist--Sculptor (McAlmon, Robert): 123-129
Mrs. Freudenthall Consults the Witch of Endor (Sitwell, Osbert): 130-132
Dead Man's Wood (Sitwell, Osbert): 132-133
Union (Drinkwater, John): 134-135
Hellenics: Blue Sleep (Bryher, W.): 136-136
Hellenics: Eos (Bryher, W.): 136-137
Hellenics: Wild Rose (Bryher, W.): 137-137
The Worker (Greenhood, David): 138-139
Thanks for a Season (Greenhood, David): 139-139
Listener (Raymund, Bernard): 140-140
Mockery (Riggs, Katherine): 141-141
Two Songs of Advent (Winters, Yvor): 142-142
Hawk's Eyes (Winters, Yvor): 142-142
The Far Voice (Winters, Yvor): 142-142
The Walker (Winters, Yvor): 143-143
Ballad (Winters, Yvor): 143-143
The Immobile Wind (Winters, Yvor): 144-144
Song for a Small Boy Who Herds Goats (Winters, Yvor): 144-145
Ballad of Men (Winters, Yvor): 145-145
The Priesthood (Winters, Yvor): 146-146
Where My Sight Goes (Winters, Yvor): 146-147
Death Goes Before me (Winters, Yvor): 147-147
The Christmas Clock (Monroe, Harriet): 148-149
Book Review: Others for 1919--An Anthology of the New Verse. Ed., Alfred Kreymborg (Monroe, Harriet): 150-158
Book Review: Many Many Moons, by Lew Sarett (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 158-161
Book Review: Argonaut and Juggernaut, by Osbert Sitwell, The People's Palace, by Sacheverell Sitwell, and Clowns' Houses, by Edith Sitwell (Aldington, Richard): 161-167
Book Review: Jehovah, by Clement Wood (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 167-169
In Defense of Rodker (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 170-171
A Kansas Prize (N. A. C.): 171-171
Notes: 172-173
Books Received: 173-174
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