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1912 — 1922
Vol. 17, No. 5
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1921-02-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
The Haunted Hat-Shop (Michelson, Max): 233-237
Officers' Mess (1916) (Monro, Harold): 238-239
That Year: Anodyne (Strobel, Marion): 240-240
That Year: Little Things (Strobel, Marion): 240-241
That Year: I Give Smiles (Strobel, Marion): 241-241
That Year: Without Words (Strobel, Marion): 241-241
That Year: High Dive (Strobel, Marion): 242-242
That Year: Marriage-Caprice (Strobel, Marion): 242-243
That Year: Miserere (Strobel, Marion): 243-243
That Year: Kindness (Strobel, Marion): 244-244
Communion (Flanner, Hildegarde): 245-245
Vigil (Oliver, Wade): 246-246
Requiem (Oliver, Wade): 246-246
The Fool (Holley, Horace): 247-247
Challenges (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 248-248
The Companion (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 248-249
Forty-Second Street (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 250-251
Driftwood (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 251-252
Hilltop Duet (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 252-252
An Intimate of Night (Scollard, Clinton): 253-253
Unfailing (Shaw, Frances): 254-254
Rain. I (Shaw, Frances): 254-254
Rain. II (Shaw, Frances): 254-255
Quatrain (Twitchell, Anna Spencer): 255-255
The Socialists's Marriage (Cleghorn, Sarah N.): 256-256
The Way Things Go: Endless Circle (Taggard, Genevieve): 257-257
The Way Things Go: Sea-Change (Taggard, Genevieve): 257-257
The Way Things Go: Tropical Girl To Her Garden (Taggard, Genevieve): 258-258
The Way Things Go: Moonrise Mockery (Taggard, Genevieve): 258-258
The Way Things Go: Zenith (Taggard, Genevieve): 259-259
The Way Things Go: Married (Taggard, Genevieve): 259-260
The Way Things Go: Drouth (Taggard, Genevieve): 260-260
The Way Things Go: Saturday Afternoon (Taggard, Genevieve): 260-261
The Way Things Go: Lost (Taggard, Genevieve): 261-261
The Way Things Go: Found (Taggard, Genevieve): 261-261
Notes and Queries from Mr. Lindsay (Monroe, Harriet): 262-266
Book Review: Smoke and Steel, by Carl Sandburg (Carnevali, Emanuel): 266-272
Book Review: Flame and Shadow, by Sara Teasdale (Tietjens, Eunice): 272-275
Book Review: A Score of First Books (Monroe, Harriet): 276-287
A Word of Protest (Crawford, John W.): 287-288
Notes: 289-290
Books Received: 290-290
Advertisements: E-H
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