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1912 — 1922
Vol. 18, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1921-06-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Boys and Girls (Taggard, Genevieve): 119-123
Twenty-Four Hokku on a Modern Theme (Lowell, Amy): 124-127
Tanka: To Elizabeth (Fujita, Jun): 128-128
Tanka: Spring (Fujita, Jun): 128-128
Tanka: May Moon (Fujita, Jun): 128-128
Tanka: Storm (Fujita, Jun): 128-128
Tanka: November (Fujita, Jun): 129-129
Tanka: A Leaf (Fujita, Jun): 129-129
Tanka: December Moon (Fujita, Jun): 129-129
Tanka: Echo (Fujita, Jun): 129-129
Goodfellowship (Li Po): 130-130
Lonely (Wang Wei): 130-130
The Hunchback (Bishop, John Peale): 131-131
The Villager: Your Horses (Gessler, Clifford Franklin): 132-133
The Villager: Nevertheless (Gessler, Clifford Franklin): 133-133
The Villager: Concentric Circles (Gessler, Clifford Franklin): 134-134
The Villager: Prayer (Gessler, Clifford Franklin): 134-135
God-Lover (Safford, Muriel): 135-135
Voluntaries: The Intangible Symphony (Turbyfill, Mark): 136-137
Voluntaries: The Power of Nothing (Turbyfill, Mark): 137-137
Voluntaries: Repletion (Turbyfill, Mark): 138-138
Voluntaries: The Sea Storm (Turbyfill, Mark): 138-139
Voluntaries: Things Not Seen (Turbyfill, Mark): 139-139
From the Near East: Cape Helles (Gilbert, Morris): 140-140
From the Near East: The Boulghar Dagh (Gilbert, Morris): 141-141
By Hill and Dale: Prayer at Timber-Line (Suckow, Ruth): 142-142
By Hill and Dale: Beauty (Suckow, Ruth): 142-142
By Hill and Dale: The Odd Ones (Suckow, Ruth): 143-143
By Hill and Dale: Grampa Schuler (Suckow, Ruth): 143-143
Primaveral (Conkling, Grace Hazard): 144-144
Recompense (Wilson, Anne Elizabeth): 145-145
The Sweet Lady (Wilson, Anne Elizabeth): 145-145
Annotations: Jeremiad (Sabel, Marx G.): 146-147
Annotations: No Good Thing (Sabel, Marx G.): 147-148
Annotations: The Strange Load (Sabel, Marx G.): 148-149
A Word About Keats (Monroe, Harriet): 150-153
The Sub-Conscious Cliché (Tietjens, Eunice): 153-156
Book Review: Red Earth: Poems of new Mexico, by Alice Corbin (Sandburg, Carl): 157-159
Book Review: Punch, The Immortal Liar, by Conrad Aiken (Tietjens, Eunice): 160-162
Book Review: In American, by John V. A. Weaver, and The Well of Being, by Herbert Jones (Monroe, Harriet): 162-166
Book Review: Before Dawn, by Irene Rutherford McLeod (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 166-167
Book Review: Coleridge's Biographia Literaria, with Wordsworth's Preface and Essays on Poetry (Fuller, Henry B.): 167-168
A Letter from Paris (Catel, Jean): 168-172
The Winter's Publishing in England (Hughes, R.): 172-174
Our Contemporaries: Kreymborg's Millions: 174-175
Notes: 175-176
Books Received: 176-176
Advertisements: E-H
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