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1912 — 1922
Vol. 18, No. 5
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1921-08-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Growth: Advent (Murphy, Charles R.): 235-236
Growth: Sown (Murphy, Charles R.): 236-236
Growth: To Earth (Murphy, Charles R.): 236-236
Growth: Winter (Murphy, Charles R.): 237-237
Growth: Spring (Murphy, Charles R.): 237-238
Growth: Humility (Murphy, Charles R.): 238-238
Growth: Mid-May (Murphy, Charles R.): 238-238
Hoofs and Haloes: Te Deum (Hamilton, David Osborne): 239-239
Hoofs and Haloes: The Idiot (Hamilton, David Osborne): 239-240
Hoofs and Haloes: Beauty in Fourth Street (Hamilton, David Osborne): 240-241
Hoofs and Haloes: Our Time (Hamilton, David Osborne): 241-241
Memory (Houston, Margaret Belle): 241-241
All Souls' Eve (Mixter, Florence Kilpatrick): 242-242
Chinese Epitaph (Mixter, Florence Kilpatrick): 242-243
Alchemy (Mixter, Florence Kilpatrick): 243-244
Invocation (Mixter, Florence Kilpatrick): 244-244
Lullaby (Mixter, Florence Kilpatrick): 245-245
It Vanished (Boutelle, Grace Hodsdon): 245-245
The Mountain Graveyard (Heyward, DuBose): 246-247
Innocent Sleep (Campbell, Nancy): 247-247
Dirge (Hughes, Richard): 248-249
Timelessness (Nicholl, Louise Townsend): 249-249
Folk-Song--From the Danish (Patterson, Antoinette DeCoursey): 250-250
Lucrezia Borgia's Last Letter (Patterson, Antoinette DeCoursey): 251-251
In the Night Watches: Invocation (DeLaughter, Margaret): 252-252
In the Night Watches: Pierrot and Columbine (DeLaughter, Margaret): 252-252
In the Night Watches: Requiem (DeLaughter, Margaret): 253-253
In the Night Watches: Toward Evening (DeLaughter, Margaret): 253-254
Love's Passing (Edgerton, Gladys): 254-255
My Sepulchre (Edgerton, Gladys): 255-255
Poems Original and Derived: The Triple Shroud (Freeman, Mason A.): 256-256
Poems Original and Derived: The Way (Freeman, Mason A.): 256-256
Poems Original and Derived: Once More (Freeman, Mason A.): 256-257
Poems Original and Derived: Epigrams (Freeman, Mason A.): 257-258
Poems Original and Derived: From the Vedic (Freeman, Mason A.): 258-259
Beyond Sorrow: So It Befell (Walton, Eda Lou): 260-260
Beyond Sorrow: Without Grief (Walton, Eda Lou): 261-261
Beyond Sorrow: I Would Be Free (Walton, Eda Lou): 261-262
Beyond Sorrow: Crisis (Walton, Eda Lou): 262-262
Beyond Sorrow: Despair (Walton, Eda Lou): 262-262
Beyond Sorrow: Now More Than Ever Divided (Walton, Eda Lou): 262-263
Beyond Sorrow: In Recompense (Walton, Eda Lou): 263-263
Midsummer Delite (Monroe, Harriet): 264-266
Brazilian Dance Songs (Scott, Evelyn): 267-271
Aboriginal Tasmanian Poetry (Stewart, H. W.): 271-272
Book Review: 'The Three Taverns' and 'Avon's Harvest,' both by Edwin Arlington Robinson (Monroe, Harriet): 273-276
Book Review: 'Poems' by Wilfrid Owen, intro. by Siegfried Sassoon (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 276-279
Book Review: 'Right Royal' by John Masefield (Thorp, N. Howard): 279-281
Book Review: 'Morning, Noon and Night' by Glenn Ward Dresbach (Monroe, Harriet): 281-283
Book Review: 'The Poet in the Desert' and 'Maia—A Sonnet Sequence,' both by Charles Erskine Scott Wood (Monroe, Harriet): 283-284
Book Review: Classics in English—'Sappho' by Henry Thornton Wharton, 'The Golden Treasury of the Greeks' by Alexander Lothian, 'Medallions in Clay' by Richard Aldington, and 'The Poets' Translation Series: Second Set' (Wescott, Glenway): 284-288
The Dial's Annual Award: 289-290
New Magazines: 290-291
Notes: 291-292
Books Received: 292-292
Advertisements: E-H
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