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1912 — 1922
Vol. 19, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1921-10-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Palace of the Babies (Stevens, Wallace): 1-2
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: From the Misery of Don Joost (Stevens, Wallace): 2-2
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: The Doctor of Geneva (Stevens, Wallace): 3-3
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Gubbinal (Stevens, Wallace): 3-4
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: The Snow Man (Stevens, Wallace): 4-5
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Tea At the Palace of Hoon (Stevens, Wallace): 5-5
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: The Cuban Doctor (Stevens, Wallace): 5-6
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Another Weeping Woman (Stevens, Wallace): 6-6
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Of the Manner of Addressing Clouds (Stevens, Wallace): 7-7
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Of Heaven Considered As a Tomb (Stevens, Wallace): 7-8
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: The Load of Sugar-Cane (Stevens, Wallace): 8-8
Sur Ma Guzzla Gracile: Hibiscus on the Sleeping Shores (Stevens, Wallace): 9-9
From City Lanes. 'The dawn comes to me sweetly' (Aber, Loureine): 10-10
From City Lanes: City Wed (Aber, Loureine): 10-10
From City Lanes: If (Aber, Loureine): 11-11
From City Lanes: Elevator Man (Aber, Loureine): 11-11
From City Lanes: Bereft (Aber, Loureine): 11-12
From City Lanes: Old Man (Aber, Loureine): 12-13
From City Lanes: Girl (Aber, Loureine): 13-13
From City Lanes: Death (Aber, Loureine): 13-13
Joy (Smith, Maurine): 14-14
Ceremony (Smith, Maurine): 14-14
First Comer (Smith, Maurine): 14-15
Wind (Smith, Maurine): 15-15
Swallows Brush a Pool (Smith, Maurine): 15-15
To Get Wisdom (Baker, Karle Wilson): 16-16
Meekness and Pride (Baker, Karle Wilson): 16-16
Courage (Baker, Karle Wilson): 16-16
Not in the Whirlwind (Baker, Karle Wilson): 17-17
Keep My Hand (Driscoll, Louise): 17-17
Under the Cliff: Shadow Canyon (DeFord, Miriam Allen): 18-18
Under the Cliff: Themes (DeFord, Miriam Allen): 19-19
Under the Cliff: Will It Be Like This? (DeFord, Miriam Allen): 19-19
Sic Passim (Galahad, Joseph Andrew): 20-21
Recalled (Galahad, Joseph Andrew): 22-22
Sea Quatrains (Code, Grant H.): 23-23
Fragilities: Song (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 24-24
Fragilities: Lake (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 24-24
Fragilities: Companionship (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 25-25
Fragilities: Impotence (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 25-25
Fragilities: Branches (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 25-25
Hesperides: Fragment XXXVI (H. D.): 26-29
Hesperides: Song (H. D.): 29-29
Hesperides: At Baia (H. D.): 29-30
Poetry and the Allied Arts (Monroe, Harriet): 31-37
Influence of the Art-Theatreon Poetic Drama (Head, Cloyd): 37-43
Book Review: 'Ships in Harbor' by David Morton (Schneider, Isidor): 44-47
Book Review: 'A Canopic Jar' by Leonora Speyer (Wescott, Glenway): 47-51
Book Review: 'Rip Van Winkle' by Percy Mackaye, 'Two Mothers (Eight Hundred Roubles and Agrippina)' by John G. Neihardt (Sherry, Laura): 51-53
Book Review: 'As the Wind Blows' by Eden Philpotts (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 53-54
Book Review: 'The Function of the Poet and Other Essays' by James Russell Lowell, 'The Kinds of Poetry and Other Essays' by John Erskine (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 54-57
Notes: 57-58
Books Received: 58-58
Advertisements: E-H
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