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1912 — 1922
Vol. 19, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1921-12-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Resurgam. Birth. I (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 117-118
Resurgam. Life. II (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 118-119
Resurgam: Death. III (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 119-122
Resurgam: Re-Birth. IV (Garnett, Louise Ayres): 122-123
The Hostage (De la Mare, Walter): 124-124
Supernal Dialogue (Monroe, Harriet): 125-127
Two Negro Spirituals: A Dream (Johnson, Fenton): 128-129
Two Negro Spirituals: The Wonderful Morning (Johnson, Fenton): 129-129
Handful of Ashes: The Captive (Dow, Dorothy): 130-131
Handful of Ashes: Waiting (Dow, Dorothy): 131-131
Handful of Ashes: Futility (Dow, Dorothy): 131-132
From a Bay-Window: Autumn Rain (Andelson, Pearl): 133-133
From a Bay-Window: Steeples (Andelson, Pearl): 133-133
From a Bay-Window: Portrait of an Old Lady (Andelson, Pearl): 133-133
From a Bay-Window: To a Dead Love (Andelson, Pearl): 134-134
From a Bay-Window: To Felix (Andelson, Pearl): 134-134
From a Bay-Window: April Snow (Andelson, Pearl): 134-134
From a Bay-Window: Solace (Andelson, Pearl): 134-134
From a Bay-Window: Beach Song (Andelson, Pearl): 135-135
From a Bay-Window: Song on Death (Andelson, Pearl): 135-135
From a Bay-Window: Out of a Cavalcade of Dust (Andelson, Pearl): 135-135
Grey Crust (Vail, Laurence): 136-137
Will Power (Zolinsky, Henry Saul): 137-137
Pain (Zolinsky, Henry Saul): 137-137
Arpeggio (Waldron, Winifred): 138-138
Semper Eadem (Tanaquil, Paul): 138-138
Neuriade: Lake (Carnevali, Emanuel): 139-140
Neuriade: Sleep (Carnevali, Emanuel): 140-140
Neuriade: Aubade (Carnevali, Emanuel): 140-141
Neuriade: Encounter (Carnevali, Emanuel): 141-141
Neuriade: Sermon (Carnevali, Emanuel): 141-142
Neuriade: Hope (Carnevali, Emanuel): 142-142
Neuriade: Insomnia (Carnevali, Emanuel): 142-142
Neuriade: Smoke (Carnevali, Emanuel): 142-142
Neuriade: Funeral March (Carnevali, Emanuel): 143-143
Neuriade: Italian Song (Carnevali, Emanuel): 143-143
Neuriade: Old Accustomed Impudent Ghost (Carnevali, Emanuel): 144-144
Neuriade: Invocation to Death (Carnevali, Emanuel): 144-145
Renewal of Youth (Monroe, Harriet): 146-149
Alexander Blok (Wescott, Glenway): 149-151
Book Review: 'Second April' by Edna St. Vincent Millay (Strobel, Marion): 151-154
Book Review: 'Breakers and Granite' by John Gould Fletcher (Sherry, Laura): 155-157
Book Review: 'Bluestone' by Marguerite Wilkinson, 'Selected Poems' by Lady Margaret Sackville (Schneider, Isidor): 158-162
Book Review: 'Aurelia and Other Poems' by Robert Nichols (Brownell, Baker): 162-165
Book Review: 'Poems' by Iris Tree (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 165-167
Book Review: 'Hidden Path' by Ned Hungerford (Schneider, Isidor): 167-169
The Allied Arts Again: I (Case, Charles Albert): 169-171
The Allied Arts Again: II (Wardell, Bertha): 171-172
Notes: 173-174
Books Received: 174-174
Advertisements: E-H
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