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1912 — 1922
Vol. 19, No. 4
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1922-01-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
The Witch of Coos (Frost, Robert): 175-181
Songs of Night: Ode to Myself Trying to Sleep (Meeker, Marjorie): 182-183
Songs of Night: In Darkness (Meeker, Marjorie): 183-183
Songs of Night: By a Window (Meeker, Marjorie): 183-184
Songs of Night: Song for a May Night (Meeker, Marjorie): 184-184
Songs of Night: Color of Water (Meeker, Marjorie): 185-185
Songs of Night: Lonely Sky and Sea (Meeker, Marjorie): 185-185
Songs of Night: Comrades (Meeker, Marjorie): 186-186
First Snow (Ruble, Esther Louise): 186-186
Songs of the Plains (Dresbach, Glenn Ward): 187-189
I shall Remember (Norton, Grace Fallow): 190-190
Shy Perfect Flowers (Norton, Grace Fallow): 191-191
To Sappho (Reynolds, Julia R.): 191-191
Irish Song (Crew, Helen Coale): 192-192
On the Wing (Keeley, Dorothy): 193-193
I ask for a Friend (Walsh, Ernest): 194-194
Sonnet (Walsh, Ernest): 194-195
The Fickle Lover (Walsh, Ernest): 195-195
Collapse (Walsh, Ernest): 195-195
Tableaux: Scherzo (Janson, Ellen Margaret): 196-196
Tableaux: Tryst (Janson, Ellen Margaret): 196-197
Tableaux: Incense Smoke (Janson, Ellen Margaret): 197-198
Tableaux: Night in the City (Janson, Ellen Margaret): 198-199
Tableaux: The Unknown (Janson, Ellen Margaret): 199-199
Wild Orchard (Williams, William Carlos): 200-201
The Lonely Street (Williams, William Carlos): 201-201
Spouts (Williams, William Carlos): 202-202
The Widow's Lament in Springtime (Williams, William Carlos): 202-203
The Hope of Peace (Monroe, Harriet): 204-206
Must Art Be Interesting? (Brownell, Baker): 206-207
Book Review: Poems, by Marianne Moore (Monroe, Harriet): 208-216
Book Review: The Mystic Warrior, by James Oppenheim (Dudley, Dorothy): 216-220
Book Review: Nets to Catch the Wind, by Elinor Wylie (Monroe, Harriet): 220-222
Book Review: Out of Mist, by Florence Kilpatrick Mixter (Monroe, Harriet): 222-223
New International Magazines: 224-227
Various Prizes: 227-229
A Letter from Paris (Catel, Jean): 229-232
Notes: 232-233
Books Received: 233-234
Advertisements: E-F
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