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1912 — 1922
Vol. 20, No. 1
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1922-04-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Charleston Poems: Dusk (Heyward, DuBose): 1-2
Charleston Poems: Edgar Allan Poe (Heyward, DuBose): 2-4
Charleston Poems: Matins (Heyward, DuBose): 5-5
The Sea-Islands: Shadows (Allen, Hervey): 6-8
The Sea-Islands: Sunshine (Allen, Hervey): 8-11
The Sea-Islands: Macabre in Macaws (Allen, Hervey): 11-12
The Sea-Islands: Hag-Hollerin' Time (Allen, Hervey): 12-12
The Sea-Islands: Upstairs Downstairs (Allen, Hervey): 13-13
The Sea-Islands: Palmetto Town (Allen, Hervey): 13-14
High Trees (Bellamann, Henry): 15-15
Recordition (Sabel, Marx G.): 16-16
The core (Sabel, Marx G.): 17-18
When Love Is Gone (Jones, Louise): 18-18
Impressions (Barrow, Elfrida De Renne): 19-19
Recognition (Barrow, Elfrida De Renne): 19-19
Twilight (Barrow, Elfrida De Renne): 20-20
Death (Barrow, Elfrida De Renne): 20-20
I Wonder (Barrow, Elfrida De Renne): 21-21
Spring Makes Me Wonder (Pinckney, Josephine): 21-21
Marsh Sketches: Sea Marsh (Pinder, Frances Dickenson): 22-23
Marsh Sketches: Marsh Pools (Pinder, Frances Dickenson): 23-23
Marsh Sketches: Shallows (Pinder, Frances Dickenson): 24-24
Open a Door (Milan, May Thomas): 25-25
Jenice (Milan, May Thomas): 25-25
Tidewater: Harbor Water (Ravenel, Beatrice): 26-26
Tidewater: White Azaleas in Magnolia Gardens (Ravenel, Beatrice): 27-27
Tidewater: Dew (Ravenel, Beatrice): 27-28
Tidewater: The Only Child (Ravenel, Beatrice): 28-29
Tidewater: Lill' Angels (Ravenel, Beatrice): 29-30
This Southern Number (Monroe, Harriet): 31-34
Poetry South (Allen, Hervey): 35-48
Poe in South Carolina (Allen, Hervey): 48-49
Book Review: Poems, by Stewart Mitchell (Wescott, Glenway): 49-51
Book Review: Plays of Edmond Rostand, tr. by Henderson Daingerfield Norman (Monroe, Harriet): 51-52
Notes From the P.S.A. Annual Dinner (Dudley, Dorothy): 53-56
Imports From Africa (C. S.): 56-57
Notes: 57-58
Books Received: 58-58
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