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1912 — 1922
Vol. 20, No. 6
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1922-09-01 84 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Ridge People: My Country (Sherry, Laura): 293-293
Ridge People: A Native (Sherry, Laura): 294-294
Ridge People: Nothin'--Somethin' (Sherry, Laura): 294-295
Ridge People: Howard Bently (Sherry, Laura): 295-296
Ridge People: Grand-Dad's Bluff (Sherry, Laura): 296-297
Ridge People: In Mist (Sherry, Laura): 297-297
Ridge People: Light Magic (Sherry, Laura): 297-298
Ridge People: Late Autumn in the Hills (Sherry, Laura): 298-298
Ridge People: The Season (Sherry, Laura): 299-299
Antagonisms. Laughter (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 300-301
Antagonisms: Into These Things (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 301-302
Antagonisms: Passing (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 303-304
Antagonisms: Hill Speech (Sanders, Emmy Veronica): 305-305
All Roads Lead to Rome" (Grudin, Louis): 306-306
Jest (Grudin, Louis): 306-307
Anguish (Kinsolving, Sally Bruce): 307-307
Reflections: Duet (Speyer, Leonora): 308-309
Reflections: At the Hospital for the Insane (Speyer, Leonora): 309-309
Reflections: Song overheard (Speyer, Leonora): 309-309
Reflections: Kind Fate (Speyer, Leonora): 310-310
Reflections: The Stronghold (Speyer, Leonora): 310-310
Reflections: Looking On (Speyer, Leonora): 310-310
Reflections: A Truth About a Lie (Speyer, Leonora): 311-311
Reflections: Couplets (Speyer, Leonora): 311-311
Shadow Songs: Lamentation (Barry, Iris): 312-312
Shadow Songs: Virgin Moon (Barry, Iris): 312-312
Shadow Songs: An Unposted Letter (Barry, Iris): 313-313
Shadow Songs: Nocturne (Barry, Iris): 313-313
A Trifoliate: Beauty (Herald, Leon): 314-314
A Trifoliate: My Wedding (Herald, Leon): 314-315
A Trifoliate: In Your Eyes (Herald, Leon): 315-316
Triad (Nethercot, Arthur H.): 316-316
A Walking Poem (Sapir, Edward): 317-317
The Little Deity Alone in the Desert (Winters, Yvor): 318-318
Late Winter (Winters, Yvor): 318-318
A Requiem for the Memory of Bees (Winters, Yvor): 318-319
Chicago Spring (Winters, Yvor): 319-319
Old Spring (Winters, Yvor): 320-320
The Silent Days (Winters, Yvor): 320-321
Lament, Beside an Acequia, for the Wife of Awa-Tsireh (Winters, Yvor): 321-321
"The Fragile Season" (Winters, Yvor): 322-322
Mea Culpa (Monroe, Harriet): 323-327
On Translating Chinese Poetry (Tietjens, Eunice): 328-332
Book Review: 'Slabs of the Sun-burnt West' by Carl Sandburg (Monroe, Harriet): 332-338
Book Review: 'The Cockpit of Idols' by Muriel Stuart (Strobel, Marion): 338-340
Book Review: 'Cross-currents' by Margaret Widdemer (Strobel, Marion): 340-342
Book Review: 'The Magpie's Shadow' by Yvor Winters (Andelson, Pearl): 342-344
Book Review: 'On English Poetry' by Robert Graves (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 344-346
Book Review: Asia—'Early Persian Poetry' by A. J. Williams Jackson, 'Selections from the Rubaiyat of Hafiz,' 'Chips of Jade and Betel Nuts,' and 'The Garden of Bright Waters' and 'Colored Stars' by Edward Powys Mathers (Carnevali, Emanuel): 236-348
Notes: 349-350
Books Received: 350-350
Advertisements: E-H
Staff and Subscribers: i-ii
Contents of Volume XX: iii-viii
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