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1912 — 1922
Vol. 21, No. 2
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1922-11-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
The Evening Land (Lawrence, D. H.): 59-63
Turkey-Cock (Lawrence, D. H.): 64-67
In Their Image (Stuart, Muriel): 68-68
The Seed-Shop (Stuart, Muriel): 69-69
In the Orchard (Stuart, Muriel): 69-72
Sixteen (Pickerill, Edward): 72-72
Father, Where Do the Wild Swans Go? (Holstein, Ludwig): 73-73
Bus-Ride in a Fog (Friedlaender, V. H.): 74-75
Black London (Roth, Samuel): 76-77
North Ohio Village (Jesson, Frederick Shea): 77-77
The Housewife (Merryman, Mildred Plew): 78-78
Old Folk (Merryman, Mildred Plew): 78-79
Autumn (Rios, Francesca): 79-79
'Picture Ahead' (Weaver, John V. A.): 80-81
Dilemma (Weaver, John V. A.): 82-82
Women: Dialogue (Frank, Florence Kiper): 83-83
Women: Married (Frank, Florence Kiper): 84-84
Women: Interior (Frank, Florence Kiper): 84-84
Women: Baby (Frank, Florence Kiper): 85-85
Interplanes: Symphonie Pathetique (Roe, Robert J.): 86-86
Interplanes: Portrait of a Man (Roe, Robert J.): 87-87
Interplanes: Apprentice (Roe, Robert J.): 87-87
Interplanes: Cortege (Roe, Robert J.): 88-88
Interplanes: Death (Roe, Robert J.): 88-88
Flamboyance (Monroe, Harriet): 89-90
A Texas Prize Contest (Monroe, Harriet): 91-94
Book Review: 'Poems 1918-1921' by Ezra Pound (Geddes, Virgil): 95-100
Book Review: 'Introducing Irony: A Book of Poetic Short Stories and Poems' by Maxwell Bodenheim (Grudin, Louis): 100-104
Book Review: 'The Shepherd' by Edmund Blunden (Andelson, Pearl): 104-105
Announcement of Awards: 106-113
Notes: 113-115
Books Received: 115-116
Advertisements: E-H
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