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1912 — 1922
Vol. 21, No. 3
Monroe, Harriet (editor)
Chicago: Harriet Monroe, 1922-12-01 68 p.; 20 x 14.7 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Southern April: Charleston, South Carolina (Lowell, Amy): 117-118
Southern April: The Middleton Place (Lowell, Amy): 118-119
Southern April: Magnolia Gardens (Lowell, Amy): 120-120
Southern April: A South Carolina Forest (Lowell, Amy): 120-121
Southern April: The Vow (Lowell, Amy): 122-124
Monody to the Sound of Zithers (Boyle, Kay): 125-125
Sestina (Dumont, Henry): 126-127
In China: Lullaby of the Outcast (Tenney, Ruth): 128-128
In China: Noon in the Temple (Tenney, Ruth): 128-129
Last Song (Morrison, Frances): 129-129
Dawn (Stewart, H. W.): 130-130
Reverie (Stewart, H. W.): 130-131
Anguish (Campbell, Doris): 131-131
Standards (Cook, Harold): 132-132
Never Did I Dream (Cook, Harold): 133-133
Giving (Cunningham, Nora B.): 133-133
Grandmother (Brody, Alter): 134-135
After Storm (Redfield, Louise): 135-135
Philosophic Dialogue (Andelson, Pearl): 136-137
Worker in Marble. 'So I begin―' (Andelson, Pearl): 137-137
Worker in Marble. Chapter (Andelson, Pearl): 138-138
Worker in Marble. Thin Refuge (Andelson, Pearl): 139-139
Worker in Marble. Out of a Weariness (Andelson, Pearl): 139-139
Worker in Marble. A Trivial Day in Early Autumn (Andelson, Pearl): 139-140
Worker in Marble. Sea-Girl (Andelson, Pearl): 140-140
Modern German Poems: Night (Klemm, Wilhelm): 141-141
Modern German Poems: What Will You Do? (Rilke, Rainer Maria): 142-142
Modern German Poems: An Old Woman Passes (Werfel, Franz): 142-144
Modern German Poems: Evening (Heym, Georg): 144-144
Modern German Poems: Homer (Ehrenstein, Albert): 144-145
Modern German Poems: Rococo (Schaukal, Richard): 145-146
Modern German Poems: From Phantasus (Holz, Arno): 147-147
The Christmas Symbol (Monroe, Harriet): 148-149
A Note on Modern German Poetry (Deutsch, Babette): 149-153
Book Review: 'The Open Sea' by Edgar Lee Masters (Freer, Agnes Lee): 154-158
Book Review: 'Odes and Lyrics' by Hartley Burr Alexander (Monroe, Harriet): 158-161
Book Review: 'Selected Poems and Ballads of Paul Fort' trans. by John Strong Newberry (Geddes, Virgil): 161-164
Book Review: 'The Laureateship: A Study of the Office of Poet Laureate in England' by Edmund Kemper Broadus (Crawford, Nelson Antrim): 164-166
Miss Lowell on Translating Chinese (Lowell, Amy): 167-173
Notes: 173-174
Books Received: 174-174
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