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Vol. 54, No. 2815
Harvey, George (editor)
New York: Harper and Brothers, 1910-12-03 36 p.; 46.5 x 35 cm.
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Contents Cover (camping scene) (Koerner, W. H. D.): 1-1
Advertisements: 2-2
Title Page--Excelsior!: 3-3
Comment: 4-6
Lincoln, Roosevelt, and the Courts (Myers, John D.): 6-6
Political Cartoon (Kemble, E. W.): 7-7
The Governor-elect of New Jersey to Outgoing and Incoming Executives of the Sister States (Wilson, Woodrow): 8-8
The Third Conference of Governors (Johnston, Charles): 9-9
Keeping Down Tire Expenses (Towle, Herbert L.): 10-11
Two Priceless Relics of the East: 11-11
Rummaging in a Royal Attic (Archibald, James F. J.): 12-13
"Bouncing-Bet" (Clark, Martha Haskell): 13-13
A Flower of the English Stage (Kitty Gordon): 14-14
"On the Story": The Night 'The Big Fellow' Went Out (Inglis, William): 15-16
Cigars and the Women (Werner, Carl): 16-17
The Stampede (Wood, Stanley L.): 18-19
Things We Overhear: 20-21
Table D'Hôte Talks: In Old Madeira (Bangs, John Kendrick): 22-23
"One-night Stands" of America (O'Neil, Nance): 23-23
Shadows of the Stage: American Actors Abroad and How They "Fail" There (Winter, William): 24-24
The World of Music: The Debussy of To-day (Gilman, Lawrence): 25-25
One Horse-Power versus Thirty (Scoville, Earle): 26-26
Finance: The Curative of Lower Costs (Escher, Franklin): 27-27
Advertisements: 28-36
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