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Vol. 28, No. 2
Bok, Edward W. (editor)
Philadephia: Curtis Publishing Company, 1911-01-15 52 p.; 49 x 35 cm.
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Contents: 1-1
All-Season Hats for Home Milliners (Westermann, Anna Burnham): 2-2
Can a Woman's Hair Be Worn Simply? (Tittle, Walter): 3-3
Why Your Magazines May Cost More Hereafter: 4-4
How You Can Make the New Scarfs (Ralston): 5-5
What I See on Fifth Avenue (Merritt, Blanche G.): 6-6
Marking the Household Linen (Wilson, Lilian Barton): 7-7
The Wedding Outfits of Three Girls (Blogg, Harriet A.): 8-8
For the Bride of a Year (Koues, Helen): 9-9
The New Linen Neckwear (MacGrath, Alma Kenyon): 10-10
The New Lace-Trimmed Jabot (Perry, Caroline): 11-11
A Dozen Good Work Aprons (Brigham, Louise): 12-12
Flounces for Girls' Underwear (Wire, Marion): 13-13
Making Last Year's Clothes in This Year's Styles (Ralston, Mrs.): 14-14
Easily Made Wash Dresses (Ralston): 15-15
Making a Linen Coat Suit at Home (Koues, Helen): 16-16
A Dozen Bags a Girl Can Make (Yorke, Selina): 17-17
To Make a Well-Fitting Shirtwaist (Ralston): 18-18
Hat Trimmings That Girls Can Make (Van Auken, Ida Cleve): 19-19
Making a Shirt for a Man (Burtis, Edith M.): 20-23
The Traveling-Case of Cretonne (Merritt, Blanche G.): 21-21
The Busy Girl's Sewing (Yorke, Selina): 22-22
Children's Animal Dresses and Aprons (Thayer, Kate Pierce): 23-23
Girls' Dresses for Winter Dances (Merritt, Blanche G.): X-X
Fancy Dresses for Costume Parties (Merritt, Blanche G.): 25-25
Easily Made Waists for Home Sewers (Houston, Ethel A.): 26-26
Ribbons and Ruffles That Girls Can Make (Ralston): 27-27
How to Repair Half-Worn Underwear (Koues, Helen): 28-28
The Art of Finishing a Hat (Ralston): 29-29
The Correct Way to Use a Sewing Machine (Burtis, Edith M.): 30-30
Dolly's Economical Sewing Ways (Dolly): 31-31
Correctly Making a Dress (Mittler, Matilde): 32-32
To Tell How Much Material You Need (Ralston): 32-32
Home Sewers's Discoveries (Home Dressmakers): 33-33
How To Braid Correctly (Hall, Catherine): 34-34
The New Wash Fabrics (Burtis, Edith M.): 35-35
How To Draft and Cut a Skirt (Ralston): 36-35
Mistakes We Make in Dressing Our Children (Perry, Caroline): 37-37
Easily Made Hats for Children (Van Auken, Ida Cleve): 38-38
Sewing for the Growing Girl (Cooper, Anna May): 39-39
All These You Can Iron Flat (Yorke, Selina): 40-40
The Convenient One-Piece Garment (Cooper, Anna May): 41-41
Making a Boy's Bloomer and Knickerbocker Suits (Koues, Helen): 42-42
Comfortable Underwear for Little Girls (Yorke, Selina): 43-43
A Young Mother's Sewing for Her Baby (Ralston): 44-44
Fine Sewing on Children's Clothes (Ralston): 45-45
How Best to Do Household Darning (Ralston): 46-46
American Dresses for Little Girls (Yorke, Selina): 47-47
Sewing Questions: 48-48
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