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Vol. 183, No. 29
Lorimer, George Horace (editor)
Philadelphia: Curtis Publishing Company, 1911-01-14 52 p.; 43 x 35 cm.
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Contents Cover (Christy, F. Earl): A-A
Advertisements: B-2
The Million-Dollar Twins (Rowland, Henry C.): 3-5
His Majesty the Freshman (Corbin, John): 6-7
Hepzibah (Stevens, Otheman): 8-10
Too Much Gold: An Interview With Edison (Babson, Roger W.): 11-11
Professional Farming (Coburn, F. D.): 12-13
Railroad Expenses and Earnings (Thorne, Clifford): 13-13
The High Hand (Futrelle, Jacques): 14-16
Eve's Second Husband (Harris, Corra): 17-19
Editorial Page (Lorimer, George Horace): 20-20
Who's Who--and Why: 21-21
The Parcels-Post Abroad (Shackleton, Robert): 22-23
: 23-D
With a Snowslide (Mills, Enos A.): 24-25
The Senator's Secretary: 26-26
Sense and Nonsense: 33-33
Advertisements: 23-D
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