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Vol. 83, No. 2
Johnson, Robert Underwood (editor)
New York: The Century Company, 1911-12-01 296 p.; 28 x 18.5 cm.
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Contents Contents: Adv3-Adv3
Advertisements: B-Adv68
A Puritan Christmas (Schoonover, F. E.): D-D
The Old National Road (Hale, William Bayard): 163-172
Democracy and Manners (Eliot, Charles W.): 173-178
Trying a Dramatist (Gilbert, William S.): 179-189
Sauce Rosemonde (Oemler, Marie Conway): 190-203
His Ally (Benét, William Rose): 203-203
American Art and the Metropolitan Museum: 204-213
"Rentin' Hens" (Pier, Florida): 214-219
Multiplying the Pleasures of the Table (Finck, Henry T.): 220-228
Marley's Ghost Appearing to Scrooge (Woolf, S. J.): 229-229
The Greater Call (Potter, Mary Knight): 231-236
The New Manila: 237-249
"So I May Know" (Miniter, Edith): 249-249
Estimates of Well-Known Men by Walt Whitman (Traubel, Horace): 250-256
Lady Hamilton as "Nature" by Romney (Cole, Timothy): 257-257
Christmas Song of the Puritans (Dowe, Amy Haslam): X-X
Shakespeare His Own Stage Manager (Corbin, John): 260-270
Illustration of Handel's "Messiah" (Price, Norman): 271-271
Across South America (Post, Charles Johnson): 273-284
Yule Fairies (Thomas, Edith M.): 285-285
Brer Rabbit: Four Pictures Illustrating 'Uncle Remus' (Moorepark, Carton): 286-289
A Love-Song (Wheelock, John Hall): 290-290
The Blue Handkerchief (Martin, George Madden): 290-300
The Parakeets (Frieseke, Frederick C.): 301-301
A Christmas Song (Parker, Horatio): 303-304
"Christmas Gif'!": A Memory of the Old South (Boyle, Virginia Frazer): 305-309
Topics of the Time: 309-313
Open Letters: 313-316
In Lighter Vein: 317-320
The Week Before Christmas (Wells, Carolyn): 318-318
Advertisements: AdvA-Adv130
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