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Vol. 35, No. 204
Hutchinson, A. (editor)
London: Ward, Lock and Bowden Ltd., 1911-12-01 288 p.; 27 x 18 cm.
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Contents Advertisements:
A Pageant of Childhood (Gotch, T. C.):
The Manchester City Art Gallery (Chester, Austin):
The Rope (Phillpotts, Eden):
A Soldier's Christmas (Oliver, Owen):
A Christmas Triolet:
The Harvest Moon at Lolo (Forman, Justus Miles):
Waste Water Detection (Clarke, Charles J. L.):
The Disappearance of Signor Caroli (Kinross, Albert):
The Year (Piercy, Elizabeth B.):
Contrary to the Regulations (Philips, Austin):
On a Bonfire of Love-letters (Hall, Edgar Vine):
Stage Decoration (Terry, Ellen):
The Starry Way (Morrah, Herbert):
The Picture (Macnaughton, S.):
A Garden in the North (Smith, C. Fox):
The Eldorado Lode (Watson, H. B. Marriott):
When I Start Dreaming (Herbertson, Agnes Grozier):
Freedom in Captivity: The New Zoological Gardens at Rome (Hadden, Nellie):
An International Arrangement (Barr, Robert):
London Sea-gulls:
Mac's Misfortune (Leather, Frederic):
England's Story in Portrait and Picture. The Reign of Elizabeth. XXIV:
How Fear Departed form the Long Gallery (Benson, E. F.):
The Gentleman Adventurer (Villiers-Stuart, Gerald):
The Job-watchers (Watt, Hansard):
Trouble at the Station (Pain, Barry):
The Call of the Wild (Gurney, Dorothy Frances):
The Child and His Dumb Friends (North, Laurence):
The Philharmonic Society and its Centenary (Bensusan, S. L.):
The Angel Tavern (Sutcliffe, Halliwell):
The Editor's Scrap-book:
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