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Vol. 21, No. 6
Harvey, George (editor)
New York: Harper and Brothers, 1911-01-01 274 p.; 26 x 18 cm
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Contents Advertisements: 2-2
Harper's Bookshelf (Gaines, C. H.): Adv51-Adv54
An Unpublished Talk with Napoleon (Richards, Thomas Bingham):
The Resurrection (Gallienne, Richard le):
"Parisienne" (Gibbon, Perceval):
Evidence (Spofford, Harriet Prescott):
The Solving of an Ancient Riddle: Ionic Greek Before Homer (Hempl, George):
Immortal (Coates, Florence Earle):
The Surgeon of the Sea (Hungerford, Edward):
The Death of Jean (Twain, Mark):
The House of the Five Sisters (Gerry, Margarita Spalding):
Christmas Carol (Teasdale, Sara):
Out of No-Man's Land (Vorse, Mary Heaton):
The Bridegroom (Lea, Fannie Heaslip):
The Iron Woman: A Novel. VII-X (Deland, Margaret):
Knowledge (Towne, Charles Hanson):
Captain Meg's Son (Rives, Amélie):
The Winds of Dawn (Beers, Henry A.):
Review: "Homeward," by Louis Paul Dessar (Howard, W. Stanton):
"Homeward" (Dessar, Louis Paul):
The Passing of the Dunce (Swift, Edgar James):
The Buccaneers (Seitz, Don C.):
The Story of Abe (Brown, Alice):
John Fairmeadow's Foundling (Duncan, Norman):
Editor's Easy Chair (Howells, W. D.):
Editor's Study (Harvey, George):
Editor's Drawer: An Aztec Romance (Janvier, Thomas A.):
Editor's Drawer: At the Convention (Wells, Carolyn):
Editor's Drawer: Fictional Anecdotes:
Editor's Drawer: Bill (Davis, Ida Cross):
Advertisements: Adv65-Adv104
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