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No. 88
Thorne, Isabel (editor)
London: Harry Shurey, 1911-01-06 52 p. 30 x 19.5 cm.
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Contents The January Girl: 1-1
Advertisement: 2-2
The Adventures of Mr. Banyard. A Honeymoon in Ostend. I (Rittenberg, Max): 1-5
The Viking's New Year (Scott, Walter): 5-5
Storm (Wynne, J. Kendrick): 6-12
The Scots New Year (Stevenson, Robert Louis): 12-12
The Pigeon's-Blood Rubies (Hill, Headon): 13-20
Dougal Talks about 1911 (Thomson, W. Harold): 20-22
The Year That's Awa' (Dunlop): 22-22
The Dagger (Gay, Oliver): 23-27
Thanks to Theodora (Thomas, Leslie): 27-31
New Year Weather Signs: 31-31
Gaining the Whole World: A Complete Novel (Newton, W. Douglas): 32-42
An Old-World New Year: 42-42
One New Year's Eve (O'Donnell, Elliott): 43-47
Concerning Ourselves (The Editor): 47-48
A New Year Song (Googe, Barnaby): 48-48
Advertisements: 45-45
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