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Vol. 4, No. 1
Craig, Edward Gordon (editor)
Florence: Edward Gordon Craig, 1911-07-01 100 p.; 26 x 18.5 cm.
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Contents Contents and Illustrations: B-B
Advertisements: C-E
Portrait of Walt Whitman (Craig, Gordon): H-H
To a Foil'd European Revolutionaire (Whitman, Walt): 1-2
When I Heard the Learned Astronomer (Whitman, Walt): 2-3
To Save the Theatre of England (Semar, John): 4-7
The Open Air: Some Unanswered Questions (Edwardowitch, Edward): 8-10
Design for a Mask: from the Javanese (Oliver, Julius): 11-11
Brieux and Bernard Shaw: A Note on Two Social Reformers (Madrid, Louis): 13-16
The Courage of the Impresario (Furst, Adolf): 17-19
Fiddle-De-Dee: Or, Professor Brander Matthew's Infallible Receipt for Making an Omelette without Eggs (Carric, Allen): 19-21
In Defence of the Artist (Balance, John): 23-24
Wonderful Abominable Americans (Semar, John): 25-27
The Tuscan "Maggi" or Month of May Plays (Ram├ęs, Pierre): 28-33
A May-time Festival in Florence (Old Florentine): I-I
Artistic Debauchery (Moore, George): 34-36
A Historical Pageant in Kyoto (Hearn, Lafcadio): 37-37
Does the Real Englishman Go to the Theatre? Does He Act in It? (Craig, Gordon): 37-39
A Word About Applause (Goethe): 39-40
Cambridge University and Its Ban on Actresses (Smith, C. G.): 41-42
Eternity and Soap Bubbles (Holt, J. Van): 43-45
More Circus Classics (Furst, Adolf): 45-46
Some Early Italian Woodcuts (Urban, Felix): 47-54
Letter to the Editor (Burin, Edwin J.): 57-57
Letter to the Editor (Klinkenstein, Heinrich): X-X
Book Review: Lafcadio Hearn in Japan, by Yone Noguchi (J. S.):
Book Review: Masks and Minstrels of New Germany, by Percival Pollard: 59-60
Book Review: The Dramatic Author's Companion: 60-61
Book Review: Modern Dramatists, by Ashley Dukes: 61-62
Book Review: Memoirs and Impressions of Mme. Modjeska: 62-63
Book Review: Interpreters of Life, by Archibald Henderson: 63-64
Book Review: The Golden Age of Engraving, by Frederick Keppel: 64-64
Book Review: A History of Japanese Colour Prints, by W. von Seidlitz: 64-64
Book Review: Japanese Art, by Laurence Binyon: 65-65
Book Review: Struggles and Victories, by Yvette Guilbert and H. Simpson (E. E.): 65-66
Book Review: A History of Painting, by Haldane MacFall: 66-67
Book Review: The Playboy of the Western World, by J. M. Synge: 67-67
Book Review: Six Small Books of Plays: 67-67
Magazine Reviews (E. E.): 68-71
Foreign Notes: Stratford On Avon (L. C.): 72-72
Foreign Notes: Paris: Down to Circus Level (H. L.): 72-74
Foreign Notes: London: Patriotism (G. H.): 74-74
Foreign Notes: The Shakespeare Ball (R. S.): 74-74
Foreign Notes: A Sign of Awakening: 75-75
Editorial Notes: 76-80
Advertisements: W-W
A Letter (Guilbert, Yvette): X-X
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