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Vol. 45, No. 268
Stead, W. T. (editor)
London: Bank Buildings, Kingsway, London, 1912-04-01 136 p.; 29 x 21.5 cm.
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Contents Advertisements: Cover2-xiv
Contents: xiii-xiii
Calendar: 335-335
The South Pole Reached by the Norwegian Expedition: 336-336
The Progress of the World: 337-350
Current History in Caricature: 351-356
Character Sketch: Two Dethroned Sovereigns: John Bull and Old King Coal: 357-366
Leading Articles in the Reviews: 367-392
Random Readings from the Reviews: 393-394
Is This What the World is Waiting For?: 395-396
The Reviews Reviewed: 397-403
Books of the Month: The Fair Sex: Psychical and Political: 404-408
The Review's Bookshop: 409-414
Advertisements: 415-416
Leading Books of the Month: 417-417
Advertisements: 418-418
Topics of the Day in the Periodicals of the Month: 419-420
Languages and Letter-Writing: 421-421
Diary and Obituary for March: 422-424
The Business Quarter: 425-Back Cover 2
Advertisements: 427-Back Cover 2
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