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1910 — 1922
Vol. 57, No. 1
Bridges, Robert (editor)
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915-01-01
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Contents Contents: C-C
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Wee Willie Winkie (Smith, Jessie Willcox): a-a
The Freelands. I-V (Galsworthy, John): 1-15
Magdalen to Christ (Burr, Amalia Josephine): 15-15
War and the Artist (Zogbaum, Rufus Fairchild): 16-35
In War Times (Waddington, Mary King): 35-47
Kipling's Children: Four Drawings (Smith, Jessie Willcox): 48-51
Coals of Fire (Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman): 53-65
On the Choice of a Profession (Stevenson, Robert Louis): 66-69
Rheims during the Bombardment (Davis, Richard Harding): 70-76
Brewster Blood (Brown, Katharine Holland): 77-88
This War (Dargan, Olive Tilford): 89-91
The Taking of Antwerp (Powell, E. Alexander): 92-104
The Lady Who Couldn't Grow Up and the Man Who Had Never Been Young (Tompkins, Juliet Wilbor): 105-114
The Nest (Coates, Florence Earle): 114-114
White Hyacinths (Synon, Mary): 115-121
The Point of View: 121-124
The Field of Art: The Memorial Exhibition of the Works of William Morris Hunt (Hale, Philip L.): 125-128
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