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1910 — 1922
Vol. 62, No. 5
Bridges, Robert (editor)
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917-11-01 260 p; 24.1 x 16.5 cm
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Contents Contents: C-C
Front Advertisements: adv2-adv44j
The Balcony (Manet, Édouard): Frontispiece-Frontispiece
Fighting for Piece. Stand Fast, Ye Free!. III (Van Dyke, Henry): 517-532
Ballad of the Rich Suitor (Dargan, Olive Tilford): 532-532
When Our Flag Came to Paris (Turnbull, Archibald Douglas): 533-541
Ordered to France (Bunner, Alice L.): 541-541
Old Newport (La Farge, Margaret): 542-554
The Russian Army and the Revolution (Recouly, Raymond): 554-563
The Ghost (Rittenhouse, Jessie B.): 563-563
Closed Doors (Burt, Maxwell Struthers): 564-575
They Who Wait (Going, Charles Buxton): 576-576
Sheila: [Dr. Brooke's Love-Affairs] (Richardson, Norval): 577-585
Women and Property (Grant, Robert): 585-591
War, Women, and American Clothes: Dress, the Money-Maker (King, Elizabeth Miner): 592-598
Six-Feet-Four (Venable, Edward C.): 599-607
The Middle Years. II (James, Henry): 608-615
"A Certain Rich Man—" (Perry, Lawrence): 616-625
Justice Harlan and the Game of Golf (Harlan, Richard D.): 626-635
The College: 1917 (Armstrong, Hamilton Fish): 636-636
Crusaders (Gaskill, Marion N.): 636-636
The Point of View: 637-640
The Field of Art. American Etching To-Day (Bradley, William Aspenwall): 641-644
The Financial World. War Loans and War News (Noyes, Alexander Dana): 645-adv76
Partial-Payment Investments (Thornburgh, E. D.): adv77-adv80
Back Advertisements: adv45-F
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