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1910 — 1922
Vol. 68, No. 1
Bridges, Robert (editor)
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1920-07-01 244 p.; 24.1 x 16.5 cm.
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Contents Contents: C-C
Front Advertisements: adv2-adv52
Abraham Lincoln During the Darkest Days of the Civil War (Brady, Matthew): Frontispiece-Frontispiece
Erskine Dale--Pioneer. XXIV-XXVIII (Fox, John): 1-11
Masterpieces of Wild Animal Photography (Hornaday, William T.): 11-31
Abraham Lincoln: Personal Memories of the Man (Stanton, Robert Brewster): 32-41
Each in his Generation (Burt, Maxwell Struthers): 42-53
A Prayer (Saxby, C. L.): 53-53
The Hope of China: The Modern Schoolboy Overcomes Tradition (Baldridge, C. LeRoy): 54-64
Paths From the Diamond Patch (Atherton, Sarah): 65-72
Holidays in the Old South: Being the Chronicles of Chicora Wood. I (Pringle, Elizabeth W. Allston): 72-81
The Substitute (Murray, Roy Irving): 82-88
Night Song (Armstrong, Hamilton Fish): 88-88
Personal Recollections of Henry James (Nadal, E. S.): 89-97
Miss Vilda (Singmaster, Elsie): 98-104
To Rent for the Summer (Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Schuyler): 105-114
Guide-Posts and Camp-Fires. Fishing in Strange Waters. VII (Van Dyke, Henry): 115-121
The Point of View: 121-124
The Field of Art. Ways and Thoughts of Modern Painters of Japan (Tomita, Kojiro): 125-128
The Financial Situation. Looking into the Future (Noyes, Alexander Dana): 129-adv75
Unlisted Securities--Whence Do They Come? (Craig, William W.): adv76-adv78
Protect Your Invested Funds: adv81-adv82
Back Advertisements: adv53-F
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