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1910 — 1922
Vol. 49, No. 2
Burlingame, Edward Livermore (editor)
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1911-02-01 238 p.; 24.1 x 16.5 cm
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Contents Contents: C-C
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John La Farge (Tack, Augustus Vincent): Frontispiece-Frontispiece
The Harbor (Eaton, Walter Prichard): 129-141
Trumpet-Calls (Price, C. A.): 141-141
The West in the East from an American Point View. The Gateway to India. II (Collier, Price): 142-157
The Westerner (Canfield, Dorothy): 158-165
Ninfa (Rodd, Rennell): 166-167
Conquering the Sierras (Brooks, Benjamin): 168-177
In a Library (Ficke, Arthur Davison): 177-177
The Teaching of Art (La Farge, John): 178-188
Child's Play (Howells, Mildred): 188-188
The Price (Haines, Donal Hamilton): 189-198
The God of the Men Who Do Things (Herrick, Gerardus Post): 198-198
Women and Wealth (Laughlin, J. Laurence): 199-206
The Cynic (Barker, Elsa): 206-206
The Arctic Prairies. The Land of the Musk-Ox. IV (Seton, Ernest Thompson): 207-223
Kennedy Square. IX-XI (Smith, F. Hopkinson): 224-235
Inspiration (Bangs, John Kendrick): 235-235
Fanchot (Lea, Fannie Heaslip): 236-244
Challenge (Murray, Kenton Foster): 244-244
German Railway Policy (Roberts, Elmer): 245-249
The Singing Day (Merington, Marguerite): 249-249
The Point of View: 250-253
The Field of Art. Nature vs. Art (Daingerfield, Elliott): 253-256
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