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1910 — 1922
Vol. 69, No. 3
Bridges, Robert (editor)
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1921-03-01 242 p.; 25 x 16.5cm
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Contents Contents: C-C
Front Advertisements: adv2-adv42
Portrait of the Duke of Olivares (Velasquez, Diego): Frontispiece-Frontispiece
South African Memories: Rhodes—Barnato—Burnham (Hammond, John Hays): 257-278
Discovery (Dodge, Louis): 278-278
'Full Up!'. The Precious Job, the Pub, and the Three R's. II (Williams, Whiting): 279-288
Recall (Betts, Thomas Jeffries): 289-299
My Brother Theodore Roosevelt. Green Fields and Foreign Faring. II (Robinson, Corinne Roosevelt): 300-315
Vocation (Drinkwater, John): 316-316
Fairford Nightingales (Drinkwater, John): 316-316
To Let: [The Forsyte Saga]. Part I: IX-XII (Galsworthy, John): 317-334
The Industrial Revolution and the Negro (Sewall, John L.): 334-342
Dude-Puncher Steve (Copeland, Fred): 343-352
Some Biological Aspects of Immigration (Conklin, Edwin Grant): 352-359
Tribute (Kilmer, Aline): 359-359
Cheating the Jungle (Niles, Blair): 360-370
Tokyo Revisited (Bland, J. O. P.): 371-375
The Point of View: 376-380
The Field of Art. Some Notes about Velasquez (Walton, William): 380-384
The Financial Situation. Under a New Administration (Noyes, Alexander Dana): 385-adv61
How Railroads Finance Their 'Equipment' (Harman, S. Palmer): adv62-adv65
Back Advertisements: adv43-F
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