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1910 — 1922
Vol. 70, No. 4
Bridges, Robert (editor)
New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1921-10-01 242 p; 24.1 x 16.5;
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Contents Contents: C-C
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George Washington (Trumbull, John): Frontispiece-Frontispiece
Cosmic Crucibles (Hale, George Ellery): 387-401
Winged Sandals (Andrews, Mary Raymond Shipman): 402-411
Panther! Panther! (Wheelock, John Hall): 411-411
George Washington, Captain of Industry. I (Prussing, Eugene E.): 412-428
The Crystal in the Attic (Thomas, Glory): 429-439
The Anniversary (Bradford, Gamaliel): 439-439
Beds under Stars: Another Cruise of 'The Dingbat of Arcady' (Wilkinson, Marguerite): 440-448
Button Swan (La Farge, C. Grant): 449-456
Love Walked with Me (Kennedy, Charles W.): 456-456
The Great Race—Eclipse against the World! (Farrand, Max): 457-464
The Risk (Friedlaender, V. H.): 464-476
Oxford and Cambridge: As Seen by American Soldier-Students (Pahlow, Edwin W.): 477-483
The Island of Eugenia: The Phantasy of a Foolish Philosopher (McDougall, William): 483-491
Summer's Adieu (Chapman, John Jay): 492-492
At Service in a Millionaire's Family: An Episode From My 'Four Years in the Underbrush'. Second Paper (A Novelist): 493-503
The Point of View: 503-506
The Field of Art. Realism and Idealism in Art (Tonks, Oliver S.): 507-512
The Financial Situation. New Incidents of the Economic Depression (Noyes, Alexander Dana): 513-adv68
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