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1914 — 1922
Vol. 1, No. 10
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1915-01-01 68 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
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The Allies: (August 14th, 1914) (Lowell, Amy): 1-2
The Logical Extreme (Soule, George): 3-6
Little Flowers from a Milliner's Box: Reminders (Iverson, Sade): 7-8
Little Flowers from a Milliner's Box: Eidolons (Iverson, Sade): 8-8
Little Flowers from a Milliner's Box: Voices (Iverson, Sade): 9-9
Little Flowers from a Milliner's Box: Ten Square Feet of Garden (Iverson, Sade): 10-10
My Friend, the Incurable. Personalities: Villon, Verhaeren, Parnell, Romain Rolland, Dostoevsky. III (Gabirol, Ibn): 11-14
A Note on Paroxysm in Poetry (O'Brien, Edward J.): 15-16
The New Beauty (Beauduin, Nicolas): 16-17
The Artist as Master: Book Review: 'The Japanese Print: An Interpretation' by Frank Lloyd Wright (Sell, Henry Blackman): 17-19
Evolution versus Stagnation (Schuchert, Herman): 20-22
Dawn in the Hills (Frank, Florence Kiper): 23-24
The Bestowing Virtue (Foster, George Burman): 25-31
Editorials and Announcements: 32-33
Mrs. Havelock Ellis's 'The Love of Tomorrow' (Schuchert, Herman): 34-35
London Letter (Shanks, Edward): 36-37
New York Letter (Soule, George): 38-39
I Am Woman (Swawite, Marguerite): 40-41
Caroline Branson (Masters, Edgar Lee): 41-42
Music: The Kneisel Quartet and Hofmannized Chopin: Albert Spalding (Schuchert, Herman): 43-43
Book Discussion: 'Love's Highway'—Book Review of 'Love and the Soul Maker' by Mary Austin (Stearns, Mary Adams): 44-46
Book Discussion: 'Dutch Bourgeoisie'—Book Review of 'Small Souls' by Louis Couperus (K.): 47-47
Book Discussion: 'James Stephens: Poet and Pagan'—Book Review of 'The Demi-Gods' by James Stephens (Schuchert, Herman): 47-48
Book Discussion: 'Unfulfilled Expectations'—Book Review of 'A Lady of Leisure' by Ethel Sidgwick (M. A. S.): 48-49
Book Discussion: 'Interpretation of Music'—Book Review of 'Nature in Music' by Lawrence Gilman (K.): 49-50
Book Discussion: 'A Pasteurized "Man and Superman"'—Book Review of 'The Raft' by Coningsby Dawson: 50-54
Sentence Reviews: [short unsigned book reviews]: 55-58
The Reader Critic (Middleton, George): 59-60
The Reader Critic: Oblomoffdom (Lyon, Minnie): 61-62
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