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1914 — 1922
Vol. 2, No. 2
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1915-04-01 60 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
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Etchings Not to Be Read Aloud. Lights in Fog (Saphier, William): 1-1
Etchings Not to Be Read Aloud. The Old Prize Fighter (Saphier, William): 1-1
Mr. Comstock and the Resourceful Police (Anderson, Margaret C.): 2-5
Wild Songs: (From 'Monoliths'). In the Forest (Cannell, Skipwith): 6-6
Wild Songs: (From 'Monoliths'). The Flood Tide (Cannell, Skipwith): 6-6
Wild Songs: (From 'Monoliths'). The Dance (Cannell, Skipwith): 7-7
The Poetry of Paul Fort (Aldington, Richard): 8-11
The Subman (Kaun, Alexander S.): 11-14
Hunger (Franklin, George): 14-15
Apathy (O'Neil, David): 16-16
One Way Out (O'Neil, David): 16-16
Victory (O'Neil, David): 16-16
Our Son Jack (O'Neil, David): 17-17
The Oak (O'Neil, David): 17-17
Moods and Moments (O'Neil, David): 17-17
Musik or Music? (Whittaker, James): 18-19
The Critics' Catastrophe: (A Probable Possibility) (Schuchert, Herman): 20-27
A Shorn Strindberg (Swawite, Marguerite): 28-28
Vers Libre and Advertisements (Fletcher, John Gould): 29-30
Extreme Unction (Aldis, Mary): 31-37
The Schoolmaster (Foster, George Burman): 37-43
My Friend, the Incurable. Choleric Comments on Cacophonies. VI (Gabirol, Ibn): 43-45
Music. Gabrilowitsch and the New Standard (Anderson, Margaret C.): 46-47
Music. Bauer and Casals (Schuchert, Herman): 47-48
Book Discussion. 'Autumnal Gorky'—Book Review of 'Tales of Two Countries' by Maxim Gorky: 49-49
Book Discussion. 'Breaking into an Open Door'—Book Review of 'Plaster Saints' by Israel Zangwill: 49-50
Book Discussion. 'Magazine Verse'—Book Review of 'Anthology of Magazine Verse, 1914' selected by William S. Braithwaite: 50-50
John Cowper Powys on Henry James (Powys, John Cowper): 51-52
The Reader Critic (Brown, William Thurston): 52-55
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