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1914 — 1922
Vol. 2, No. 3
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1915-05-01 68 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
Front Advertisements: B-B
Cantina (Dawson, Mitchell): 1-1
Santa Maria del Carmine (Dawson, Mitchell): 1-1
Harpy (Dawson, Mitchell): 2-2
Termaggio (Dawson, Mitchell): 2-2
Under the Cypresses (Dawson, Mitchell): 2-2
What We Are Fighting For (Anderson, Margaret C.): 3-4
Echo (Schnack, Fritz): 5-5
America's Ignition (Comfort, Will Levington): 6-9
Solitude (Soule, George): 9-9
Remy de Gourmont (Aldington, Richard): 10-13
Words out of Waking (Hoyt, Helen): 13-13
Who Wants Blue Silk Roses? (Iverson, Sade): 14-15
'Mother Jones' and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (Anderson, Margaret C.): 16-18
The Poetry Bookshop: (35 Devonshire Street, London) (Lowell, Amy): 19-22
America, 1915 (Fletcher, John Gould): 23-25
Silence (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 25-25
A Head (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 25-25
The Operation (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 26-26
Some Imagist Poets (Lane, George): 27-35
Editorials and Announcements: 36-39
The Serman in the Depths (Phosphorescent Gleams of Spiritual Putrefactions): Book Review of 'The House of the Dead' by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Hecht, Ben): 40-42
Notes for a Review of 'The Spoon River Anthology': Book Review of 'The Spoon River Anthology' by Edgar Lee Masters (Sandburg, Carl): 42-43
Poetry and the Panama-Pacific (Tietjens, Eunice): 44-45
The Mob-God ('The Scavanger'): 45-46
The Theatre. 'Rosmersholm' (The Chicago Little Theatre) (M. C. A.): 46-47
The Theatre. 'The Trojan Women' (D.): 47-48
Music. Busoni (Schuchert, Herman): 49-50
Music. Two Chicago Pianists (M. C. A.): 50-51
With Kreisler. Book Review of 'Four Weeks in the Trenches' by Fritz Kreisler (K.): 52-53
Book Discussion. 'Quasi-Rationalistic Moralizing'—Book Review of 'Criticisms of Life' by Horace Bridges (K.): 54-55
Book Discussion. 'Sophomoric Maeterlinck'—Book Review of 'Poems' by Maurice Maeterlinck (K.): 55-56
Book Discussion. 'The Great American Novel'—Book Review of 'The Harbor' by Ernest Poole (Knopf, Alfred A.): 56-57
Book Discussion. 'The $10,000 Play'—Book Review of 'Children of Earth: A Play of New England' by Alice Brown (Knopf, Alfred A.): 57-57
Book Discussion. Book Review of 'American Thought' by Woodbridge Riley: 57-57
Book Discussion. 'The Poetry of A.E.'—Book Review of 'Collected Poems' by A.E. (Jones, Llewellyn): 58-60
The Reader Critic (A Chicago Reader): 61-61
The Reader Critic. Three Women (Davis, F. Guy): 61-63
Back Advertisements: 63-D
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