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1914 — 1922
Vol. 2, No. 5
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1915-08-01 56 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
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The American Family (Hecht, Ben): 1-5
Patterns (Lowell, Amy): 6-8
The Piano and Imagism (Anderson, Margaret C.): 9-10
War Impressions. The Moving-Picture Show (Frank, Florence Kiper): 11-11
War Impressions. The Modern Woman with a Sense of Humor (Frank, Florence Kiper): 11-11
War Impressions. The Incredible Adventure of Spring (Frank, Florence Kiper): 11-12
War Impressions. Man and His Machines (Frank, Florence Kiper): 12-12
War Impressions. The Annual Banquet (Frank, Florence Kiper): 12-12
War Impressions. What a Veneer Is Civilization (Frank, Florence Kiper): 12-12
Lawson, Caplan, Schmidt (Berkman, Alexander): 13-15
Father and Daughter (Masters, Edgar Lee): 16-16
Photograph of Edgar Lee Masters (Hutchinson, Eugene): 17-17
Poems from the Greek. I-XIV (Myrrhine of Mitulene): 18-22
Nudity and the Ideal (Comfort, Will Levington): 23-26
'Rooming'. I-VI (Hoyt, Helen): 26-29
The Ugliest Man (Foster, George Burman): 30-35
Emasculating Ibsen (Mobbie Mag.): 36-36
Death ('The Scavenger'): 36-37
Children's Poems. A Mountain of Fire (Henderson, Alice Oliver): 38-38
Children's Poems. Kathleen (after seeing Kathleen ni Houlihan) (Henderson, Alice Oliver): 38-39
Children's Poems. Miss Ungerich's Japanese Play (Henderson, Alice Oliver): 39-39
Children's Poems. The Snow Flakes (Henderson, Alice Oliver): 39-39
Children's Poems. Fire Castles (Mackaye, Arvia): 40-40
Children's Poems. The Unknown Race (Mackaye, Arvia): 40-40
Children's Poems. Zephyr (Mackaye, Arvia): 40-41
Children's Poems. The Swimming Pool (Mackaye, Robin): 41-41
Children's Poems. To a Turtle (Mackaye, Robin): 41-42
Book Discussion. 'The Books of Poetry'—Book Review of 'Irradiations: Sand and Spray' by John Gould Fletcher, 'Japanese Lyrics' transated by Lafcadio Hearn, and 'The Winnowing Fan' by Laurance Binyon (Dawson, Mitchell): 43-45
Have You Read―?: 46-46
Can You Read―?: 46-46
The Reader Critic (Smits, Lee J.): 47-49
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