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1914 — 1922
Vol. 2, No. 10
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1916-01-01 48 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
Front Advertisement: B-B
Late Spring (H. D.): 1-1
Night (H. D.): 2-2
A Deeper Music (Anderson, Margaret C.): 3-6
Blue-Prints. Debutante (Dean, Harriet): 7-7
Blue-Prints. The Pillar (Dean, Harriet): 7-7
The Pathos of Proximity (Kaun, Alexander S.): 8-11
Solitude (O'Neil, David): 11-11
The Novelist (Anderson, Sherwood): 12-14
Asperities. Threat (Dawson, Mitchell): 15-15
Asperities. In Passing (Dawson, Mitchell): 15-15
Asperities. Teresa (Dawson, Mitchell): 15-15
Amy Lowell's New Book: Book Review: 'Six French Poets' by Amy Lowell (Flint, F. S.): 16-17
The Picnic (Seiffert, Marjorie): 18-19
Editorials and Announcements: 20-21
American Art: (An Indefinite Comment) ('The Critic'): 22-23
Photography (C. A. Z.): 23-24
Book Discussion. 'A Brilliant Enemy'—Book Review of 'Modern Painting' by Willard Huntington Wright: 25-26
Book Discussion. 'Gorky's Memories'—Book Review of 'My Childhood' by Maxim Gorky: 26-27
Book Discussion. 'Instruction'—Book Review of 'The Greatest of Literary Problems' by James Phinney Baxter: 27-27
Book Discussion. 'Instruction Plus'—Book Review of 'Tales from Old Japanese Dramas' by Asataro Miyamori and 'Some Musicians of Former Days' by Romain Rolland: 27-28
Book Discussion. 'Hospitable Mr. Braithwaite'—Book Review of 'Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1915' by William Stanley Braithwaite: 28-28
Book Discussion. 'Empty Souls'—Book Review of 'The Later Life' by Louis Couperus (K.): 29-29
Book Discussion. 'Two Points of View'—Book Review of 'Violette of Pere Lachaise' by Anna Strunsky Walling (K.): 29-29
The Reader Critic (A Sorrowful Friend): 30-35
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