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1914 — 1922
Vol. 1, No. 3
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1914-05-01 68 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
Front Advertisement: B-B
On Behalf of Literature (Wing, DeWitt C.): 1-4
The Challenge of Emma Goldman (Anderson, Margaret C.): 5-9
Chloroform (Aldis, Mary): 10-13
'True to Life' (Wyatt, Edith): 13-18
Impression (Soule, George): 19-19
Art and Life (Foster, George Burman): 19-24
Patriots: on the '7:50' (Farley, Parke): 24-24
'Change' at the Fine Arts Theatre (Wing, DeWitt C.): 25-27
Correspondence. The Vision of Wells (Soule, George): 28-29
Correspondence. Another View of 'The Dark Flower' (Swawite, Marguerite): 30-30
Correspondence. Dr. Foster's Articles on Nietzsche (Wing, DeWitt C.): 31-32
Lawton Parker (Tietjens, Eunice): 33-35
New York Letter (Soule, George): 36-37
Union vs. Union Privileges (Sell, Henry Blackman): 38-38
Book Discussion. 'Mr. Chesterton's Prejudices'—Book Review of 'The Flying Inn' by G.K. Chesterton (Jones, Llewellyn): 39-40
Book Discussion. 'Dr. Flexner on Prostitution'—Book Review of 'Prostitution in Europe' by Abraham Flexner (Tietjens, Eunice): 41-42
The Critics' Critic (M. H. P.): 43-48
Sentence Reviews: [short unsigned book reviews]: 49-51
Letters to The Little Review (A. S. K.): 52-53
The 'Best Sellers': 54-55
Back Advertisements: 56-D
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