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1914 — 1922
Vol. 2, No. 8
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1915-11-01 56 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
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'Life Itself' (Anderson, Margaret C.): 1-3
The Zeppelins over London (Aldington, Richard): 4-5
Portrait of Theodore Dreiser (Ficke, Arthur Davison): 6-7
Theodore Dreiser (Powys, John Cowper): 7-13
'So We Grew Together' (Masters, Edgar Lee): 13-19
Choleric Comments (Kaun, Alexander S.): 20-23
The Scavenger's Swan Song ('The Scavenger'): 23-24
Dregs. Life (Hecht, Ben): 25-27
Dregs. Depths (Hecht, Ben): 27-30
Dregs. Gratitude (Hecht, Ben): 30-33
Editorials and Announcement: 34-35
John Cowper Powys on War (Currey, Margery): 35-36
The Theatre. The Washington Square Players (Commins, Saxe): 37-39
The Theatre. 'Lithuania': 39-39
The Theatre. An Objection: 39-40
Book Discussion. 'An Inspired Publisher': 40-41
Book Discussion. 'Homo Monstrosus'—Book Review of 'Taras Bulba' by Nicolai Gogol: 41-42
Book Discussion. 'Gorky at His Best and Worst'—Book Review of 'Chelkash, and Other Stories' by Maxim Gorky: 43-44
Book Discussion. 'Two Masters and a Petty Monster'—Book Review of 'The Little Angel' by Leonid Andreyev, 'Russian Silhouettes' by Anton Chekhov, and 'The Breaking Point' by Michael Artzibashef: 44-45
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