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1914 — 1922
Vol. 1, No. 4
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1914-06-01 68 p.; 25.4 x 17.1 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
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'Incense and Splendor' (Anderson, Margaret C.): 1-3
A Kaleidoscope: [After seeing the reel called 'Oil and Water']. Blanche Sweet―Moving-Picture Actress (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 4-5
A Kaleidoscope. Girl, You Shall Mock No Longer (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 5-5
A Kaleidoscope. The Amaranth (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 6-6
A Kaleidoscope. An Argument (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 6-8
A Kaleidoscope. Darling Daughter of Babylon (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 8-9
A Kaleidoscope. I Went Down into the Desert (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 9-9
A Kaleidoscope. Encountered on the Streets of the City―The Church of Vision and Dream (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 10-10
A Kaleidoscope. The Stubborn Mouse (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 10-11
A Kaleidoscope. The Sword-Pen of the Rhymer (Lindsay, Nicholas Vachel): 11-12
Futurism and Pseudo-Futurism (Kaun, Alexander S.): 12-18
A Wonder-Child Violinist (Anderson, Margaret C.): 19-19
The New Paganism (Wing, DeWitt C.): 20-22
Gloria Mundi (Tietjens, Eunice): 22-22
The Will to Live (Foster, George Burman): 23-27
Keats and Fannie Brawne (Wilson, Charlotte): 27-27
A New Woman from Denmark. Book Review of 'Karen Borneman' by Hjalmar Bergström (Swawite, Marguerite): 28-31
Editorials: 32-33
New York Letter (Soule, George): 34-35
Correspondence. Miss Columbia: An Old-Fashioned Girl (Lowell, Amy): 36-37
Correspondence. Poetry to the Uttermost (Rolt-Wheeler, Francis): 37-38
Correspondence. Reflections of a Dilettante (Kaun, Alexander S.): 38-40
Correspondence. The Immortality of the Soul (Stone, Lee A.): 40-40
Book Discussion. 'Dostoevsky―Pessimist?'—Book Review of 'The Possessed' by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Soule, George): 41-42
Book Discussion. 'The Salvation of the World à la Wells'—Book Review of 'Social Forces in England and America' by H.G. Wells (Chenery, William L.): 42-44
Book Discussion. 'A Novelist's Review of a Novel'—Book Review of 'Vandover and the Brute' by Frank Norris: 44-45
Book Discussion. 'The Immigrant's Pursuit of Happiness'—Book Review of 'They Who Knock at Our Gates' by Mary Antin (Saphier, William): 45-47
Book Discussion. 'The Unique James Family'—Book Review of 'Notes of a Son and Brother' by Henry James: 47-49
Book Discussion. 'De Morgan's Latest'—Book Review of 'When Ghost Meets Ghost' by William De Morgan (M. H. P.): 49-50
Book Discussion. 'The Economics of Social Insurance'—Book Review of 'Social Insurance: With Special Reference to American Conditions' by I.M. Rubinow (Jones, Llewellyn): 51-51
Book Discussion. 'Prose Poems of Ireland'—Book Review of 'Red Hanrahan' by William Butler Yeats (H. B. S.): 52-52
To William Butler Yeats (Wilkinson, Marguerite O. B.): 52-52
Sentence Reviews: [short unsigned book reviews]: 53-54
Back Advertisements: 55-64
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