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1914 — 1922
Vol. 3, No. 1
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
Chicago: Margaret C. Anderson, 1916-03-01 48 p.; 25.4 x 16.8 cm
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Contents Contents: A-A
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Cheap (Hoyt, Helen): 1-2
Art and Anarchism (Anderson, Margaret C.): 3-6
Stravinsky's Three Pieces, 'Grotesques,' for String Quartets (Lowell, Amy): 7-9
Vibrant Life (Anderson, Sherwood): 10-11
Don'ts for Critics: (Apropos of Recent Criticisms of Imagism, Vers Libre, and Modern Poetry Generally) (Henderson, Alice Corbin): 12-14
The Cup (D'Orge, Jeanne): 15-15
The Stranger: (Eleven Years) (D'Orge, Jeanne): 15-15
The Kiss: (Fifteen Years) (D'Orge, Jeanne): 16-16
The Interpreter: (Sixteen Years) (D'Orge, Jeanne): 16-16
The Sealed Package (D'Orge, Jeanne): 17-17
Memories (D'Orge, Jeanne): 18-18
The Russian Ballet: It Sojourns in a Strange Land (Zwaska, Charles): 18-22
Editorials: 23-24
Propaganda: 25-27
Bloomsbury Square (Aldington, Richard): 28-28
Epigram (Aldington, Richard): 29-29
Lollipop Venders (De Braila, Lupo): 29-32
A Vers Libre Prize Contest: 32-32
A. Neil Lyons: Book Review of the Novels of A. Neil Lyons (Macdougall, Allan Ross): 33-35
The Reader Critic. Anarchy (Groff, Alice): 36-36
The Reader Critic (Anonymous): 37-38
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