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1914 — 1922
Vol. 4, No. 8
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1917-12-01 68 p.; 22.5 x 14.3 cm.
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Contents: 1-1
A Letter from Remy de Gourmont (Pound, Ezra): 5-8
'Prufrock: And Other Observations': A Criticism (Sinclair, May): 8-14
Notes on Books and Plays (jh): 15-16
Notes on Books and Plays. 'Amy Lowell's Loose Criticism': Book Review of Lowell's 'Tendencies in Modern American Poetry' (jh): 16-17
Notes on Books and Plays. 'Jean de Bosschére': Book Review of de Bosschére's 'The Closed Door' (jh): 17-18
Notes on Books and Plays. Theatre Review of 'Peter Ibbetson' (jh): 18-19
Notes on Books and Plays. The Washington Square Players (jh): 19-20
Notes on Books and Plays. The Greenwich Village Theatre: Review of 'Efficiency' and 'The Feast of Bacchus' (jh): 19-20
Notes on Books and Plays. The Provincetown Players (jh): 20-21
Notes on Books and Plays. The Drama as Art (jh): 21-22
That Boston Paper Again (London Office): 22-22
Poems of Po Chu-I. The Harper of Chao (Po Chu-I): 23-23
Poems of Po Chu-I. On the Way to Hangchow: Anchored on the River at Night (Po Chu-I): 24-24
Poems of Po Chu-I. Immortality (Po Chu-I): 24-25
Poems of Po Chu-I. The Two Red Towers (A Satire against Clericalism) (Po Chu-I): 25-26
Poems of Po Chu-I. On Board Ship: Reading Yuan Chen's Poems (Po Chu-I): 26-26
Poems of Po Chu-I. Arriving at Hsun-Yang (Po Chu-I): 26-27
Poems of Po Chu-I. After Getting Drunk, Becoming Sober in the Night (Po Chu-I): 27-27
Poems of Po Chu-I. Last Poem (Po Chu-I): 27-27
Aviation in Musical Criticism (Anderson, Margaret): 28-31
Improvisation (Gilmore, Louis): 31-31
A Soldier of Humour. Part I (Lewis, Wyndham): 32-46
Judicial Opinion (Our Suppressed October Issue) (Anderson, Margaret): 46-49
In Shadow (Crane, Hart): 50-50
Vulgar Infatuations (Solon, Israel): 51-52
Editorial on Solicitous Doubt: 53-55
The Reader Critic. On the Renovation of Longfellow's Birthplace: 55-56
The Reader Critic. Longfellow's 'Birthplace' (E. P.): 55-56
The Reader Critic. A Difference of Opinion (M. T.): 56-57
The Reader Critic. Ezra's Indian Summer (Kreymborg, Alfred): 57-58
The Reader Critic. Advice to a Young Poet: 58-59
Will You Help?: 59-59
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