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1914 — 1922
Vol. 5, No. 3
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1918-07-01 68 p.; 21.9 x 14.3 cm
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Contents: 1-1
Our Tetrarchal Precieuse: A Divigation from Jules Laforgue (Exton, Thayer): 3-12
Broken Necks (Hecht, Ben): 12-19
Nishi Hongwanji (Barry, Iris): 19-19
Six Illuminations of Rimbaud. Vagabonds (Rimbaud, Arthur): 20-20
Six Illuminations of Rimbaud. Toilers (Rimbaud, Arthur): 20-21
Six Illuminations of Rimbaud. Devotion (Rimbaud, Arthur): 21-22
Six Illuminations of Rimbaud. Soir Historique (Rimbaud, Arthur): 22-22
Six Illuminations of Rimbaud. Promontory (Rimbaud, Arthur): 23-23
Six Illuminations of Rimbaud. The Stage (Rimbaud, Arthur): 23-24
Seeds (Anderson, Sherwood): 24-31
Saptam Edoyarder Svargabohan (Gonne, I.): 31-34
Our Contemporaries (Pound, Ezra): 35-37
Ulysses. Episode V (Joyce, James): 37-49
Women and Men. Average People. V (Hueffer, Ford Madox): 49-54
Cooperation: A Note on the Volume Completed (E. P.): 54-56
De Goncourt (E. P.): 56-56
De Goncourt. Préface de la Première Édition of 'Germinie Lacerteux' (De Goncourt, Edmond): 56-57
Errata: 58-58
The Recurrence (K. L.): 58-58
The Reader Critic. In Which It Is Left to Us! (T. D. O'B.): 58-58
The Reader Critic. Szukalski's Drawings (Reader from Chicago): 59-59
The Reader Critic. On the American Number: Comment A (Diamondstein, David): 59-59
The Reader Critic. On the American Number: Comment, Plus (X. T.): 59-59
The Reader Critic. On the American Number: A 'Humorous' Comment (Riesen, Morris): 60-60
The Reader Critic. From the Clergy (Presbyterian Church): 60-61
The Reader Critic. 'Comment' by One Commented Upon (Michelson, Max): 61-61
The Reader Critic. The Layman Speaks―!! (Hunter, Rex): 61-62
The Reader Critic. At the Elite (Written after Reading Wyndham Lewis's 'Ideal Giant') (Sanborne, Robert): 62-62
The Reader Critic. Literally Speaking― (Puteklis, Louis): 63-63
The Reader Critic. 'I Have Not Read Much in This Number―' (Stuhlman, Frank): 64-64
The Reader Critic. Joyce and Ethics (Crane, Hart): 65-65
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