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1914 — 1922
Vol. 5, No. 6
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1918-10-01 68 p.; 21.9 x 14.3 cm
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Contents Contents: B-B
To a Young Girl (Yeats, William Butler): 1-1
A Song (Yeats, William Butler): 1-2
Solomon to Sheba (Yeats, William Butler): 2-2
The Living Beauty (Yeats, William Butler): 3-3
Under the Round Tower (Yeats, William Butler): 3-4
Tom O'Roughley (Yeats, William Butler): 4-4
A Prayer on Going into My House (Yeats, William Butler): 5-5
De Bosschere's Study of Elskamp (Pound, Ezra): 5-8
Prose Poems. Theseus (Rodker, John): 9-10
Prose Poems. Dancer (Rodker, John): 10-11
Prose Poems. God (Rodker, John): 11-12
Prose Poems. Theatre Muet (Rodker, John): 12-13
After Hafiz (Barry, Iris): 13-13
Dear! (De Bosschere, Jean): 14-14
Momie (De Bosschere, Jean): 16-16
Silence (De Bosschere, Jean): 18-18
Le Chien Domestique (De Bosschere, Jean): 20-22
Breviora (Pound, Ezra): 23-24
Note upon Fashions in Criticism (Le Monier, J. H.): 24-25
Ulysses. Episode VII (Joyce, James): 26-51
Albert Mockel and 'La Wollonie' (Pound, Ezra): 51-64
The Reader Critic (Danish Consulate): 64-64
The Reader Critic. The Audience: 64-64
The Reader Critic. The 'Heroic Deads' (Szukalski, Stanislaw): 64-64
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