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1914 — 1922
Vol. 6, No. 8
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1919-12-01 92 p.; 21.9 x 14.6 cm
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Contents Front Advertisements: B-B
Contents: 1-1
Frontispiece: Photograph of Djuna Barnes: C-C
Six Love Songs (Mathers, Edward Powys): 5-6
Beyond the End (Barnes, Djuna): 7-14
Surfeit (Dobrée, Bonamy): 15-16
The Holy Family (Zadkine, Osip): E-E
A New Testament. III (Anderson, Sherwood): 17-19
Interim. Chapter VIII (Richardson, Dorothy): 20-28
Mother and Child (Zadkine, Osip): H-H
Discussion: May Sinclair's 'Mary Olivier'. I (Kenton, Edna): 29-30
Discussion: May Sinclair's 'Mary Olivier'. Eat 'Em Alive!. II (jh): 30-32
Discussion. Sincerity (jh): 32-33
Discussion: Two Concerts of the Month. Robert E. Schmidt. I (Anderson, Margaret): 33-34
Discussion: Two Concerts of the Month. Benno Moiseiwitsch. II (Anderson, Margaret): 34-35
Discussion. Book Review of Rolland's 'Colus Breugnon' (jh): 35-36
Discussion. The Provincetown Players (jh): 36-36
Discussion. Masefield's New Book―Review of 'Reynard the Fox' by John Masefield: 36-37
Discussion. Book Review of 'The Caliph's Design' by Wyndham Lewis (jh): 38-39
Discussion. Book Review of Douglas Goldring's 'The Fortune': 39-40
Discussion. A Barbarian―Review of Charles Louis Philippe (Rodker, John): 40-40
Discussion. In the October Number (Rodker, John): 42-43
Discussion. Notes―Review of 'Art and Letters' (Rodker, John): 43-43
Discussion. Notes―Review of 'Coterie' (Rodker, John): 43-44
Discussion. Notes―Book Review of 'More Translations from the Chinese' by Arthur Waley (Rodker, John): 44-44
Discussion. Defending Margaret Anderson (Loving, Pierre): 44-46
Discussion. Questionings (M. C. A.): 46-47
Discussion. Season 1919-20: 47-48
Discussion. The Art of Madness (Scott, Evelyn): 48-49
Discussion. Marguerite D'Alvarez: 49-49
Ulysses. Episode XII (continued) (Joyce, James): 50-60
Kites (Saphier, William): 61-64
Drawing (Sterne, Maurice): I-I
To the Book Publishers of America (Anderson, Margaret): 65-67
The Chinese Written Character as a Medium for Poetry. IV (Fennolosa, Ernest): 68-72
The Reader Critic. Djuna Barnes' Play (Bodenheim, Maxwell): 73-73
The Reader Critic. Literary Correspondence (Ex-Subscriber): 73-74
Back Advertisements: 74-76
Notes: 77-77
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