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1914 — 1922
Vol. 7, No. 4
Anderson, Margaret C. (editor)
New York: Margaret C. Anderson, 1921-01-01 68 p.; 24.1 x 15.9 cm
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Contents: 1-1
Photograph of Mary Butts: 2-2
Ashe of Rings. Part I: Chapters I-III (Butts, Mary): 3-14
Corps et Biens (Aragon, Louis): 15-17
The Man in the Brown Coat (Anderson, Sherwood): 18-21
Indisposition (Turbyfill, Mark): 21-21
'Ulysses' in Court (Anderson, Margaret): 22-25
Flamme (Soupault, Philippe): 26-26
Dimanche (Soupault, Philippe): 26-26
Horizon (Soupault, Philippe): 26-26
Route (Soupault, Philippe): 27-27
Katrina Silverstaff (Barnes, Djuna): 27-33
Discussion. Sumner Versus James Joyce (Monroe, Harriet): 34-34
Discussion. Lawrence Atkinson (Shipp, Horace): 35-36
Discussion. In the Beginning (Atkinson, Lawrence): 37-37
Discussion. Tranquille (Atkinson, Lawrence): 39-39
Discussion. Apropos Art and Its Trials Legal and Spiritual (Sanders, Emmy V.): 40-40
Discussion. Growth (Atkinson, Lawrence): 41-41
Discussion. Mr. Rodker and Modern French Poetry (Ciolkowska, Muriel): 44-44
Discussion. To Mina Loy (Rodker, John): 44-45
Discussion. Book Review of 'The Wind-Flowers of Asklepiades, and Poems of Poseidippos' and 'The Poems of Meleager of Gadara' (Butts, Mary): 45-47
Discussion. 'Sculpshure' (Sanders, Abel): 47-47
Thee I Call 'Hamlet of Wedding-Ring': Criticism of William Carlos William's 'Kora in Hell' and Why .... Part I (von Freytag-Loringhoven, Else): 48-55
The Reader Critic: 61-61
The Reader Critic. Errata: 61-61
Dada Manifesto: 62-63
Back Advertisements: 56-57
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